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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wizard of Oz

Who really was the wizard?  I mean he was a short man behind a curtain of smoke and mirrors.  He wasn't what he made himself to BE or was he?  He appeared as the Great and Powerful Oz.  Well, yes, he was the Great and Powerful Oz....just not as we originally envisioned him or as he made us envision him.

You see....Glenda, the Good Witch, was right.  Dorothy always had the power to return home, she just didn't realize it.  She didn't need the Great and Powerful Oz to fix everything.   She always had the power.  Always had the Power....ALWAYS had the Power....always HAD the Power.....always had the POWER.  She just needed to believe herself, that is. 

So why does it always seem so hard to just believe in yourself?  Why can some people walk around with a stick up their butt and act like they own the world....even though they're just stuck on themselves....why is it so easy for some and not so for others.  I guess it's about finding what makes you tick....what's your gift....what can you offer the world and then....take a giant leap of faith and believe that you are all that....that you are the wizard of your domain....that you always had the power.

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