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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Can't Catch Me

"You can't catch me," was a phrase that my neighbor, Joe, used to say to me when we were outside playing in the yard, wondering what we should do. He was taller, older and a boy. It used to make me so mad, so I tried my damnedist to catch him. Sometimes..I actually did, whether he would admit it or not is the question. He was one of those boys you loved to hate. He was always telling me he was better than me, faster than me.  I think he probably like me, but he would never tell. Sometimes, the ones that challenge us are the best blessings we could ever ask for.

It's thanksgiving and we all need to be thankful for what it is we have and what it is we can become. Sometimes, boys like Joey, the ones you love to hate, are the ones who actually make a difference in our lives. They push us outside our comfort zone, a place we never thought we could go, until one day...your eyes open and you have stepped into the wild blue yonder and realized you are more than what you thought...and realized you can be more than you have become.

The phrase, "we must never forget," came out in full force during 9/11. This is a phrase that everyone, who has been through 9/11 or not, needs to remember. "We must NEVER forget" where we came from, how we grew up and what went into making us who we are today.

Every person you encounter, on your journey through life, is like a dandelion seed. Each look, smile, kind word and touch can change the trajectory of someone's life.  The dandelion, in french, dent de lion, means lions tooth. As children, we pick dandelions and give them to our mothers, as flowers. As adults, we spend millions of dollars, on a pesticide industry, to kill the them and use 30% of our nations water supply to keep our lawns green.

When you look closer at the symbolism of a dandelion, it is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars.

Everyday, the dandelion greets the day by opening up and every night, the dandelion ends the day by closing up. It's natures good morning and good night. I've come to see the dandelion as the most beautiful flower in our world. Every part of the plant can be used: roots, leaves, flower. It can be used for food, medicine and dye for clothing. Don't you remember we used to hold dandelions under our chins to see a reflection of yellow.

When you make a wish, with the puff of the dandelion, that is made up by what are called clocks, the seeds can travel up to 5 miles.

Ironically, you never know when a clock will strike and out pops a pumpkin instead of a carriage or rather another dandelion. That's how life is...

When you put yourself out into the world and be the light that you are meant to be, your clocks can travel far, far away and they may be the simplest of things done or said to someone or maybe even the nastiest, but that is what you teach the world and how you influence it, by being you.

The only caveat must look up to realize what is meant by these encounters, whether chance encounters or close encounters. Because if not, no change can occur, frictions remains and potential is diminished.

There are two kinds of change, chemical and physical. For change to occur, there is either a decomposition or a synthesis of matter. There must be an agent of change, whether it is heat to cook an egg and change it's form or an internal pressure that pushes one to be better, do better, try harder and improve our physical appearance.

Potential energy is something that exists in us all. We are all capable of exerting more energy than we are at the moment. Potential energy is released when an outside force is applied.

There is no change if we don't see the meaning behind the words or actions. However, the clock is always ticking, waiting for you to feel the force and make a change.

So, don't forget to be thankful for the clocks that land in your yard and grow dandelions during this thanksgiving season. They are like lions teeth. What angers you, may be the power that releases you into an agent of change.

Maybe you should try it. Find a dandelion and make a wish. Watch the clocks float in the wind.  Think about how your kind words, gestures and touches can be an agent of change for someone else as they dance in the universe along all with all of those we encounter.

Are you a pesticide killer or a farm propegator that sows the change of time with the clocks that we blow against the wind.

Just remember, be careful what you wish for.

Dandelion facts from and definitions by Google search.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let Me See Your Peacock

When was the last time you told someone you were scared or what you were scared of?

I recently had a tiny conversation about this with a friend that weighed heavy on my mind.

That day, I was convinced I really wasn't scared of much and that I have become really strong...the latter may still be true, but after I really thought about what scared me, I knew there were lots of things that scared me.

He said that much didn't scare him but that he feared for others who don't have a relationship with God.

Hmmmmm....that's quite powerful. got me thinking...I know...look out...i'm thinking again.

What really scares me...I wondered...

Then I remembered...I'm a huge chicken...who am I kidding? I've gotten pretty good at not looking scared, even though I am...but I suppose that in and of itself is a good thing as well.

One day, last fall, a chicken decided to roost in my backyard. Maybe you remember my blog post. It was a gorgeous chicken. Where does a chicken like this come from when you live in the suburbs? To this day...we never found out, however, I think someone might have been trying to tell me that I'm a chicken...and rightfully so. At least someone had the courage to help me recognize that I needed to let everyone see my peacock.
by: istock photo

So what does that really mean...let everyone see your peacock? Katy Perry sings..."are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?" Now, my kids laugh when this song comes on...however, if you look deep into the symbolizim of the peacock, you will find many things.

One saying is "proud as a peacock".  Letting someone see your peacock isn't about being proud, it's about being brave to show your true colors, who you really are, what you really stand for, what you are really capable of.

The way it to figure out what you are scared of...and over come it or continue to attempt to over come it and show your peacock.

So's time for action...get out into that great big world and show them what you are made of...that is as long as you have figured "it" out....what you are scared of....what are your hopes and dreams...what are your strengths and weaknesses...what you love to do at work and at play...who do you love...who loves you?

These can be daunting tasks, however, these are ones that makes our journey feel so fulfilling. If we know the answers to these questions, then we can go into the world and make a difference for others who don't know and are lost, then our life becomes fulfilled...our cup filled up, as we extend our hand to help another. Tell them about God...if that is your thing....tell them about letting others see their's about whatever matters most to YOU.

Needless to say, I went to church for the first time since Easter. For me...God has always been important and I thank my friend for reminding me. ;)

Help someone water their garden and see what grows from there. Simple words for one, can flow out magically when spoken, so magically at times...they can unlock a heart. That happened to me. I hope it happens to you.

Check out this video by Ashlyn Kossan...showing her peacock as she sings Safe and Sound by Taylor beautiful!

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Ultimately Your Choice To Influence Your Future

Self control is an interesting concept. We all have the capability to use it, but we don't always choose to.

There are moments in life that define the a matter of fact, every moment in life defines the future. Every move you make, every step you take...oh wait...that's a is true though. Every word that comes out of our mouths defines how the future will progress.

Some tend have a little bit lower self control than others. I tend to say what's on my can be the best gift ever...and another can be the worst gift ever.

Just realizing that words that you speak not only change your future, but other's future as well, is a great thing to recognize.

Many times we take words for granted and they hurt people without us realizing it. Those words might cause a chain reaction and change the way that person reacts which might be the wrong way which in turn is taken incorrectly by the initial person who had no idea that they hurt that person in the first place. time you do or say anything...take a moment to exert self control and make sure it is what you want to do or say...because it will affect not only you but the ones you are speaking to or acting out with.

As for Sting and The Police...I think I agree with every move you make, every step you take, every bond you break...affects the future...but the I'll be watching you part...a little creepy. From my perspective...the only one watching is yourself and the big man upstairs...but whatever you choose to do or say...everyone is watching and that my friend affects your future.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is Light?

Light as defined by is something that makes things visible, an illuminating agent.

This little light of mine...I'm going to let it shine...shine on you and even shine on me.

So, here's the simple gesture...just a simple one...can make a difference in someone's life.

It's happened to me tons of times. A friend says something that just hits you and you see a little light from something they said...even though it was something added to your day. It made a difference...sometimes...more than they would even know.

I read something recently that said (paraphrased)...try to see the light in everyone you meet...even if their light might not be burning at all. The cool thing about that the other person will see your light and it's going to bounce back and shine on them and maybe help them see things never know...that's the thing...we never know how our actions and words are going to affect another person.

We must remain cognizant and steadfast...and yes...breath. It's that little pause I have to take, when I'm about to get my heart racing because of somethings that are out of my control....and then...I breath...and the world settles down and calmness comes back to me. It might sound silly...but if it weren't for a friend who told me the way they get through to breath...I'm not sure where I'd be right now. That sounds a little heavy, but that simple offering of passing on something that helped him...helped me too.

It's the little things...that change the world. I can get caught up in making a big bang and wanting to really change the world with my hands, but...the truth is...we all can change the world with simple words like..."have a spectacular day." It's kind of nice when someone goes the extra mile to be more than average with just a simple word audible. (audible...used in the context of word change vs. QB play change).

When Miss America says the proverbial, "I wish for world peace." Little did we all peace begins with me. If we all let our light least world peace can be a part of the world we choose to live in...maybe not the entire world...but affecting those that live in our own network of friends and family...that is how we change the world.  So...go ahead...I dare you...just try and change your world that you live...let your light shine. What a wonderful would be.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Smiles are Free and Laughter is Contagious

It has been documented before...a man's life was saved because a stranger smiled and kept him from going over the edge.

Do you think that man smiling had any idea what the other was about to do?

Smiles are free and oh so priceless. To quote, oh yes I am, Justin Beiber..."You smile, I smile."


I may not have much money, but if I have a smile to flash that will brighten up your day, well, I think that makes me the richest person in the world.

Forest's mother was right..."Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get."

Life is bitter sweet in many ways. While you fight your battle and I enjoy my day, I can offer a smile.  When you have a good day and I fight my battle, you can offer a smile.

And if we kinda know each other and share a laugh or you take some time to just talk to me when I feel like crud, one never knows how much that can mean to another.

When I see genuine sincerity, someone doing something because they just want to help out another soul, it makes me want to be a better person. Holding a door because you want to, not because you feel you have to; going out of your way to make someone smile because you know they are down or simply helping a fellow co-worker navigate a new job; these things make me smile.

Navigating through life can be tough, especially when there are bumps in the road and even large crevasses.


One of my favo things to do is laugh...that's why I Love Lucy. I laugh so hard, I cry sometimes when I watch those black and white re-runs on TVland. Isn't that the best feeling...when you have a belly laugh and even better is an uncontrollable belly laugh.

We all just want to set our problems aside and just enjoy each other's laughs and smiles when we can. We have a term in our English language called human kind. We are all human, and we all can be kind. We need to practice both. Smiling and laughter are 2 great ways to give back to human kind and make our world a better place.

The best part, smiles are free and laughter is contagious.

That's one contagium that I don't mind catching. 2change2morrow :)

~This post is dedicated to everyone who has brightened my day, cracked a smile on my face and especially made me laugh. Cheers to you aMaZing souls! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninty-nine percent perspiration." ~Thomas Edison

Always keep in mind...Desire only gets you so far. Edison quotes are some of my favorite. The Keyword here is Perspiration.

"Winning is a habit. You've got to play with your heart, with every ouch of fiber in your body." ~Vince Lombardi 

Vince's speech is quite possibly one of my favorite speeches ever. His words ran through my mind last week, as I lay on the gym floor exhausted, sweaty, and ready to mutter some choice words under my breath about my instructor. After months of being drenched in sweat 4 or 5 days a week at the gym, I realized I had actually accomplished my goal through MY hard work and PERSPIRATION. A favorite quote of his ran through my ears at that same moment...

"I firmly believe that any man's finest hours, his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out for a good cause and LIES EXHAUSTED ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE, VICTORIOUS." ~Vince Lombardi 

It was liberating to feel what he was talking about. With enough drive and determination, anything is possible, but you must DO in order to BE THE DREAM. In doing, you MUST perspire if you want to WIN. I dare you to perspire. Watch the video that changed my life. 

Monday, March 18, 2013


It seems that things come into our lives when we most need them. Sometimes we feel like we could do without them and other times we really wish we didn't have to deal with them at all. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I am allured by a sense of discovery and adventure. I know many people are. It's exciting and creates drama and suspense. Sometimes it seems that watching a movie with drama and suspense is more palatable than experiencing it ourselves, however many decide to embark on journeys that push the envelope and change their own or quit possibly the world's reality and current state of being through paths they chose to encounter or sometimes are forced to encounter.

Today, I bring to you an excerpt from a book called Flow by mihaly csikszentmihalyi.

At some point, I think today may have been what I would call the worst day ever. I will spare you the details, however, I managed to get through it. I took a break and cleared my head and got back to work.  I've been working on a project that seems to be giving me a bit of trouble and difficulty.

Later in the day, I was looking for something that I thought I slid into a book.  I picked up the book Flow and proceeded to look for what I was missing. I have yet to finish this book, but I grabbed the spine and flipped through the pages hoping the paper I needed would fall out. This book is a national best seller. Its sub title is 'the psychology of optimal experience.' The New York Times describes it as "Important...Illuminates the way to happiness." This book is about finding your flow with what you do best and making the most out of your life.

As I got to the end, without any I thought, I scanned what looked like highlighted text in the back of the book. Someone had highlighted a section in the post script portion in the book, toward the end. I can't recall if I did this, which one would assume I did because I bought the book new, but I do have a bad habit of jumping to the end of a book that I feel is just repeating itself to get the moral of the story. I wasn't recalling marking up this book at any point though.

As I proceeded to read it, I felt like a guardian angel was looking over me. Now let me just tell you a little bit about my day. Since I was perceiving it to be awful, you can imagine my state of mind was not quit in alignment, possibly slightly irritated and maybe using some choice words because of the challenges that I was facing. (keep in mind I said possibly. I would never act immature or childish in anyway if I was upset, just so you understand me correctly) What I began reading was...

"A few, like the ones who tell their stories in this book, are more responsive to the rewards of discovery. But we all respond to both of these rewards; the tendencies toward conserving energy as well as using it constructively are simultaneously part of our inheritance. Which one wins depends not only on our genetic makeup but also presumably on our early experiences."

I was feeling intrigued by this. Interested in the fact that my prior experiences in life were allowing me to react to my day as I was. What really jumped out at me was...

"However, unless enough people are motivated by the enjoyment that comes from confronting challenges, by discovering new ways of being and doing, there is no evolution of culture, no progress in thought or feeling. It is important, therefore, to understand better what enjoyment consists of and how creativity can produce it....It was clear from talking to them (those telling their stories in the book) that what kept them motivated was the quality of experience they felt when they were involved with the often involved painful, risky, difficult activities that stretched the person's capacity and involved an element of novelty and discovery. This optimal experience is what I have called flow."

So, flow is something that just happens like magic after lots of practice and new ways of development occur, however, what is important to note is that there is often pain, risk and challenge that go into finding flow and it is the element of experience that keeps us hanging on and pushing forward.

Interestingly enough, the Progressive Insurance commercial spokesperson, Flo, comes to mind. She seems to have a certain flow about her. She knows her stuff and is willing to put herself out there to prove her point. I think we can all take some advice from Flo(w).

We all need to recognize that difficulties that stretch our capabilities are often the most pivotal in our lives and that working through the pain, risk and/or challenge is what makes us who we are. If more of us aren't willing to endure this, than our culture will remain status quo.

I'm sure I must have read this portion of the book at some point and skipped to the end to highlight probably the most important statements of the entire book. However, I'm sure glad that on a day when I needed to hear those words most that they jumped off the page right at me to help me recognize what I was feeling was natural and part of figuring out these challenges and opportunities in front of me.  At the end of the day, I realized it really is my duty to carry on. Que the music...Fun, Carry On. (official video)

Friday, March 8, 2013

40,000 Anti-bodies Spread the Message on Capital Hill for Energy Change

Rally for climate change February 17th in Washington D.C.

40,000 Anti-bodies Spread the Message on Capital Hill for Energy Change


An estimated 40,000 activists from over 30 states joined together in front of the Washington Monument, Capital Hill and The White House to voice their concerns on the future of our planet rallying for change in how our commodities are used in our energy choices and the consequences of passing the Keystone pipeline project from Canada.

Young and old banded together to reinforce the message that some things have got to give when it comes to making choices on Capital Hill and how reckless decisions will do nothing but kill our planet.

Jackie Thomas Government Chief member of the Frou Indian Clan in Canada said she stands behind shutting down the Keystone Pipeline Project. The process needed to put this through is too dirty for our environment. She stands behind taking care of our land so that our land will take care of us.

The President of The Sierra Club, one of the organizations that helped build this rally was arrested last week at a demonstration on climate change. He stands strong behind his belief in clean energy choices for the future of his children and all children on this planet.

Other members of the rally even came from across the country like Rosario Dawson, a Hollywood actress who played in Men in Black II. She stands behind building our countries legacy and creating a power shift in how we use our energy sources to cleaner, green options.

All the stops were pulled out when it came to signage and making a point from astronaut suits and decorated wagons that donned the message about change in our choices for the clean, green energy choices our President needs to help facilitate to form a new energy legacy. One stroke of a pen allows for change.

Join The Sierra Clubs 100 days campaign at and help support change to move forward with clean, green renewable energy technologies.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Privacy Cloud Honnored by Jodi Foster at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Photo by: Jason Merritt

Getty Images 2013 copyright
It has been said, many times in the theater, silence is golden, but tonight at the Golden Globes, Miss Jodi Foster was everything but silent. She received the Lifetime achievement Cecil B. Demille Award at The Golden Globe's 70th annual ceremony presented by Robert Downey Jr.. She worked a stunning navy Georgio Armani sheath gown across the floor as it refracted, not only the light in the room, but the light her heart was exuding throughout the room as she proudly raised her firmly trimmed biceps, proclaimed her pride about being 50 years old and showcased the important people who have made her life as real as it could be, living in front of a camera.

She spent most of her speech discussing the private details of her very public life. She has been Foster for the People since she was just 3 years old. Privacy, for those in the public eye is scarce. With the growth in smart phones and social networks our digital footprint is hard to contain as a private matter.  She brought light to a dark situation that looms over the privacy cloud in our current reality and discussed how sacred privacy really is.

As the speech progressed, she got into some details, which began to make me feel slightly uncomfortable, as I watched the words spill off her tongue. I began to feel as if I wasn't the only one to spilled her guts a little too often. However, as she brilliantly pulled each piece of her speech together, there was not a dry eye in the theater, including my own, pointing out that it is the real moments of our lives that actually make us who we are. The trials and tribulations in our lives that make us or break us. The times when things get uncomfortable and are full of raw reality are the times that make us who we are.

One could feel her heart reaching out, not to take the part, but to take part in what she called life, which has been lived in Hollywood during the 47 years she's spent in front of the camera. She was raw, real and connected to those in her life. She spoke of her friends, publicist, children and her mother in a touching way. She reached out to each one of them and told them how much they meant to her. She gave a wish away to her mother, hoping that she take the words I love you and engrain them on her heart as she moves on to the after life in years to come. 

In my mind, Jodi Foster not only took home the Cecil B. Demille Award, but she just chalked one more performance, not for best actress, but for life's best reality speech ever.

You go Jodi Foster. Live the life you deserve. Claim the life you want to live in your self proclaimed new future off the screen. You truly are an amazing woman.