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Friday, August 12, 2011

Speaking of foundations......Shoes.

I don't care if you are a fashion faux paux or a regular Jimmy Choo subscriber.....but shoes define you.  They do.  Trust much as I am about fashion....I am about comfort.  Even if the shoe HAS to be comfortable.

Shoes cushion your every step (otherwise it feels like you're walking on hot coals).....they follow you where ever you go.  They are the foundation for your life (well maybe your "fashion" life or your not so "fashion" life).

I find that having a "GREAT" pair of shoes makes me feel powerful.  Honestly.....every style or themed style of clothes you put yourself in deserves a "GREAT" pair of shoes to go with it.  That doesn't mean you need a pair of shoes to go with every outfit, on the contrary......It means for every purpose your duds have, they should have a pair of  shoes to go with it.  Shoes don't only have a sole purpose, but multiple need comfort, quality (gotta have quality....but sometimes plastic shoes are o.k.. I will get to that later) and a final touch....which really becomes what you lead with.

Running shoes are good for, of course, running or.........maybe you prefer a laid back attitude or a way to get around "your" world quickly.  (I tend to walk way too fast, but I have lots of shoes that fulfill that purpose from sandals to well...maybe sandals are my cup of tea)   Everyone needs a little magic in their life and shoes will definitely give you that.....I mean come on....look at Dorothy.

For those of you wearing running shoes on a daily basis....have you ever heard of ath-leisure shoes?  They are a hybrid athletic shoe and a casual/dress shoe (liesure shoe).  They can be dressed up or they serve multiple purposes for those of you not ready to jump in to the shoe jungle.  Someone needs to tell that Zuckerberger guy....what's his name?.....of Facebook, (oh yea...Mark Zuckerberg)......  Anywho....

Shoes are what define our style.  Everyone needs at least 5 different style shoes.  It not only gives you a polished look, but it can actually make you feel good.  Did anyone say retail therapy.....maybe not....but they call it that for a reason.....our shoes do change the way we feel about ourselves.

Not to forget the part about plastic shoes being o.k.......buyers at Target, Payless and even sometimes Walmart do a great job interperting designer styles such as Ken Cole, Steve Madden, Sergio Rossi and Sketchers to name a few.  So....if you find yourself short on cash.....and can only afford 1 or 2 good pair of shoes....feel free to find a similar pair at  your neighborhood big box retailer or wait for a sale at Macy's.  Bottom's all about the "LOOK".....the foundation you walk upon.....the "support" your shoes give you.  Trust me....they can do a lot for "SUPPORT". 

So....whose shoes are you wearing today?  My summer collection consists of a lot of comfort sandals and flip flops.  For me (today).....flip flops come in many colors, styles and price points and they make it easy to just slip on and be comfortable throughout my even if you are partial to a certain style of shoe, there are so many choices to choose.  My sandals can be dressed up or down and they come in every style you can imagine.  So....even if your choice of shoes are running sure are a lot of styles, colors and price points for you to make a wardrobe out of.  Come on....dabble a little in your shoe style.  I believe it defines you (at least on first impression and we all know we live in a world of giving someone the once matter who you are....right or happens everyday) O.K. maybe some more than others, but come a little and enjoy a little variety in your life.....Shoes.....they are your walking foundation.  And we all know how important foundations are..........!

Soooooo.........what kind of shoes are your foundation today?  Maybe you should try on a new pair?


dancingthrulife said...

i agree w// a lot of your points..
that being said,
do you think understanding your own shoe style is just as important as understanding other people's shoe style? as much as our own shoes 'support' us, we have the power to really support others just by listening. understanding. wearing their shoes for the day. we hold the real power to comfort and support individuals. maybe we need each other more than we need another pair of shoes?

but you bring up a valid point, we need to stand strong, confident, and be confortable in our own shoes in order to really impact others. maybe it's time for a new pair to bring that spark back. to feel defined again. so i agree, go ahead, splurge on that pair of red high heels, but don't walk right past the person wearing the muddy high tops ..they have may have the answer you're really looking for.

L said...

ditto....we do need each other more than a new pair of shoes...but we always need to be ready to step up to the plate in whatever shoes we're wearing. Walking in someone else's shoes for a always a great idea...but we can't help others until we help ourselves....and we definately can't overlook anyone no matter what kind of shoes they are wearing.....but I just can't give up the idea of not having a nice "little" assortment of styles to cover all my needs (and wants) always helps the ego, the like"ability" factor and even the conversation. can't get around the fact that they do a lot for a person. Who knew there was that much to shoes....?

dancingthrulife said...

I agree:))
I just find that sometimes by helping others, you help yourself. you realize what is really important in life. you are able to take a step back, breathe, and realize that you are not alone, and you do in fact have something to offer the world.

speaking of which..i need to start volunteering again.
any ideas in ne ohio? i keep saying i'm going to get involved again but of course this falls to the bottom of the list..
but don't worry, i always find time for my favorite tv show. typical.
working on changing this..

L said...

you really had a good point about helping help yourself...i like that. stay hungry.