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Monday, August 15, 2011


Follow the link above if you missed last nights ABC special powered by Will I Am and The Black Eyed Peas called iamFIRST.  I have a new vision of The Blacked Eyed Peas....well....I have always been a fan, but I never knew what "they" stood for.  Seeing celebrity status take on an ACTIVE role in education gave me a new hope for tomorrow and it should do the same for you.  Will I Am bought the air time on ABC last night to make this possible.  Thanks for caring Will.

Education is a passion of mine.  But......I have never been one for math and brain takes longer and it doesn't always seem to fit in there and definately doesn't want to stay embedded.  It's like my brain does not I am trying to learn.  Taking on this Blogger is my new science and technology.  It has been challenging....but I am determined to make this work.  I have been opening my mind and learning new tricks and loving it.  Little did I realize I was loving science at the same time.

I have been watching Will's grass roots video's all week promoting this project and I have to say....he blew my mind and inspired me to a new level.  It was so great watching a real person....try to get out a message that they feel passionate about.  Seeing Will inspire people, in a whole new way, brought hope back for me.  We all wear many hats, but watching him last week was an inspiration for me. Seeing the end result last night was great.  Having President Obama headline the segment was icing on the cake.  Without support....passion goes no where. .

I believe Will's partnership with Dean Kamen, FIRST, President Obama and his fellow celebrity friends helped open a portal to a new dimension for America.  He gave me a new lens to view science and technology from.  In the segment, he mentioned how lots of kids think science and nerds are NOT cool, BUT that they are the ones who use the technology built by the nerds and sciecne.....everyday of their lives....iphone/pad/pod, laptop, Internet, Face Book and on and on.  Through using celebrities, such as he did last night, he showed how being an end user of science actually means you like just don't realize it.   As Will said earlier in the week, "with out the invention of the paint brush....there is no Picasso."  With out science and technology....there is no advancement....we might as well be cave men.  So as actors/actresses, musicians, writers, bloggers, computer cartoonists, Face Book users we are all connected by science and technology.

Every school in America supports the all American game of football.  The boosters raise lots of money for those teams....I bet those numbers would be amazing.   Our school district was the 2nd in the nation to have a jumbo tron (at the high school football stadium).  What about our science program?  I'm not sure....I know our school district is rated excellent with distinction, but I don't know what we do in science.

So....I am gonna do just like you....I am gonna become part of the ACTION.  Call your PTA, principal, super intendent and ask around.  What does your school district do to support science and technology?  I know my kids are using ipod/ipads in the classrooms to facilitate learning.  My kids are lucky enough to use white boards instead of black boards, but what are they teaching my kids....your the classrooms?  How much money goes toward science and technology vs. sports and football?  All your questions help bring a new tomorrow.  So go ahead....let's do our part.....the new topic at the water cooler, on the football field, on your cul de sac or at your PTA meeting is in your control.  Let's do this........Ciao for now. L

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