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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You Can't Catch Me

"You can't catch me," was a phrase that my neighbor, Joe, used to say to me when we were outside playing in the yard, wondering what we should do. He was taller, older and a boy. It used to make me so mad, so I tried my damnedist to catch him. Sometimes..I actually did, whether he would admit it or not is the question. He was one of those boys you loved to hate. He was always telling me he was better than me, faster than me.  I think he probably like me, but he would never tell. Sometimes, the ones that challenge us are the best blessings we could ever ask for.

It's thanksgiving and we all need to be thankful for what it is we have and what it is we can become. Sometimes, boys like Joey, the ones you love to hate, are the ones who actually make a difference in our lives. They push us outside our comfort zone, a place we never thought we could go, until one day...your eyes open and you have stepped into the wild blue yonder and realized you are more than what you thought...and realized you can be more than you have become.

The phrase, "we must never forget," came out in full force during 9/11. This is a phrase that everyone, who has been through 9/11 or not, needs to remember. "We must NEVER forget" where we came from, how we grew up and what went into making us who we are today.

Every person you encounter, on your journey through life, is like a dandelion seed. Each look, smile, kind word and touch can change the trajectory of someone's life.  The dandelion, in french, dent de lion, means lions tooth. As children, we pick dandelions and give them to our mothers, as flowers. As adults, we spend millions of dollars, on a pesticide industry, to kill the them and use 30% of our nations water supply to keep our lawns green.

When you look closer at the symbolism of a dandelion, it is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars.

Everyday, the dandelion greets the day by opening up and every night, the dandelion ends the day by closing up. It's natures good morning and good night. I've come to see the dandelion as the most beautiful flower in our world. Every part of the plant can be used: roots, leaves, flower. It can be used for food, medicine and dye for clothing. Don't you remember we used to hold dandelions under our chins to see a reflection of yellow.

When you make a wish, with the puff of the dandelion, that is made up by what are called clocks, the seeds can travel up to 5 miles.

Ironically, you never know when a clock will strike and out pops a pumpkin instead of a carriage or rather another dandelion. That's how life is...

When you put yourself out into the world and be the light that you are meant to be, your clocks can travel far, far away and they may be the simplest of things done or said to someone or maybe even the nastiest, but that is what you teach the world and how you influence it, by being you.

The only caveat must look up to realize what is meant by these encounters, whether chance encounters or close encounters. Because if not, no change can occur, frictions remains and potential is diminished.

There are two kinds of change, chemical and physical. For change to occur, there is either a decomposition or a synthesis of matter. There must be an agent of change, whether it is heat to cook an egg and change it's form or an internal pressure that pushes one to be better, do better, try harder and improve our physical appearance.

Potential energy is something that exists in us all. We are all capable of exerting more energy than we are at the moment. Potential energy is released when an outside force is applied.

There is no change if we don't see the meaning behind the words or actions. However, the clock is always ticking, waiting for you to feel the force and make a change.

So, don't forget to be thankful for the clocks that land in your yard and grow dandelions during this thanksgiving season. They are like lions teeth. What angers you, may be the power that releases you into an agent of change.

Maybe you should try it. Find a dandelion and make a wish. Watch the clocks float in the wind.  Think about how your kind words, gestures and touches can be an agent of change for someone else as they dance in the universe along all with all of those we encounter.

Are you a pesticide killer or a farm propegator that sows the change of time with the clocks that we blow against the wind.

Just remember, be careful what you wish for.

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