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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Expectations......Dickens, Gadhafi and You

Define expectations........Merriam Webster defines it as......the act or state of expecting.....something expected.....basis for expecting.

Now, let me get this straight.....we are defining a word with the root word in the define expect......Merriam Webster defines it as.....a transient suppose; consider reasonable, due or necessary.  O.K. in Dickens story Pip thinks he is due a great fortune and expects it come from Miss Haversham, so the definition fits.

Don't we all have great expectations? Expectations of things we think should happen or go down how we expect.....but the problem is many times these expectations are only in our head....maybe even delusions of what we think we expect to happen......things that may or may not happen in reality.

 I won't tell you what my expectations were of Gadhafi when was in grade school.  What do you think his expectations were?  They probably were the same as mine, since I was just a wee one.  I just can't believe he's still around.......not for long.  This all comes full circle because I'm thankful for Mrs. Thomas, one of my grade school teachers, and her expectations of her students and the fact that she believed in the importance of  students discussing current events in the classroom.....even at such a young age. 

The question do we make our great expectations a reality?  Should all our expectations become a reality?  I suppose that we need to figure out which ones should be reality by deciding what values we stand for and figuring out what matters most or what is a priority in our life.....just like Mrs. Thomas did.  She was one of my most difficult teachers and probably my favorite.
It was evident she knew what she expected of herself and of her students.  She laid out the expectations and held us accountable for the made everyone of her students better for it.  We should all take note of Mrs. Thomas.  Since I am recognizing people.....I should include that virtual character that has helped me realize that asking questions is what makes us smarter and gives us the power to change the future.

How do we really know where to go or what to do unless we know what is expected?  We need to write it down.....make a plan....a blue print....a direction that becomes a foundation to live on.....we can't do that with out questioning what we believe in.....what we want to stand for.

I have lots of great expectations......but none will become a reality unless I understand what I expect of myself.   What I expect of myself becomes what I expect of my family, my children or my business.....and those that I integrate with.  I did write down what I call the Borland Expectations....but I need a partner to help me become what I expect and with a partner comes a whole new set of bipartisan, back to the drawing board.....together.  (looks like our government is having the same issues)  I guess that's why my expectations aren't working for my family.....because they are just that.....MY expectations.  We always need our expectation vision to be adjusted by those we integrate with......because if we always think what we have thought, then we will always get what we thought. behooves us to set straight our great expectations so that we get what we think we should out of life.  If we want our future to be bright.....we must teach the future generations how to respect and how to live up to expectations so they can come up with amazing expectations themselves.  So......go ahead......I dare you.....write down your great expectations not only for yourself, but for your children, students, customers and then make them a reality......but only the ones that really deserve your only have 1life2live.   Ciao for now.   Who 2Be 2Day 2Change 2Morrow.

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