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Thursday, August 18, 2011

CNN, Government and Trouble Makers........

We have all seen the headline this morning.....Christine O'Donnell (Tea Party) walks off CNN interview......If you haven't watched it, check out the link.  It looks like a media stunt on her part.  What a great way to get people talking about her and her new book called Trouble Maker....from a media stunt standpoint.  Unless she is hiding something....why would she put up such a resistance to the question about gay marriage? I also ask....why would Piers Morgan (of CNN) not move on when it was obvious she didn't want to answer the question.  I mean he was being a bit of a trouble maker himself.

So let's discuss the term trouble definition that I found defined it as.....a troubler that interrupts peace and quiet.  I found that interesting.  Do you really think that Christine O'Donnell named her book Trouble Maker because she wanted to interrupt peace and quiet? Hardly. 

There are those that make peace and there are those that appear to stir up trouble.  Those that appear to stir up trouble.....many times are actually trying to make peace or rather find a new way.....of thinking or of doing.  Why does everyone who rocks the boat have to be considered a trouble maker?

My husband can't stand that I love to rock the boat.  He is an 'even stephen' who wants to sail the boat with the wind and keep the keel even.  Me....I love to hike out over the gunnel and hang on the edge of the sail boat headed on a beam reach (wind streaming across the beam of the boat through my hair) and enjoy the thrill of excitement.  He is constantly telling me to back off.....but if someone isn't out "there" (in our world) fighting for a new, improved, better way....where does that leave us?

Maybe there is a better approach one could take that would make one appear something other than than a trouble maker....I can agree with that.....BUT the pot does need to be stirred OFTEN, because if you know anything about cooking with sugar on a will burn...if it isn't stirred often.

I will have to say....our government sure is letting the stove get quit hot.....oh wait.....the pot is calling the kettle black....I's getting hot in here......let's take off all our wait that was Anthony Weiner (should I list more?).  The point is.....sometimes we have to stir up some trouble to get the attention of another.....once we have their attention......maybe some valid points can be made.  Orrrrrrr.....maybe we won't be able to change their view of "us" as a trouble maker if we go about it the wrong way.....soooooo it becomes all about our approach and our attitude. 

Being viewed as a trouble maker isn't good for the 'rep'.....BUT being viewed as someone who fights for what they believe in........priceless.  So....what do you believe in?  Do you know what your values are?  Have you ever listed them out? Maybe you should.  If you don't know what you believe can you stand for anything?  How can you really get behind an idea if  you can't define your own idea's.  Think about it......Ciao for now.......Who 2Be 2Day 2Change 2Morrow.


dancingthrulife said...

i like the use of current events-mixed with a life lesson-mixed with humor (paragraph 5-6:))-leaving me with a take away-and asking more questions.
great post!

L said...

Glad you like it....I'm thinking about that vocal direction.