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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Call "It" What You Like.....

Life takes us many places.  Life gives us many blessings and many distractions.  Sometimes we even feel like we just keep going round and round and completely lose our way.  We can't see the path.  We wonder in the darkness.  But He is there.

No matter who you are....we ALL were built with goodness inside.  We ALL were built for the "Greater Good".  It is said that the "Greater Good" can not exist with out evil, which interestingly enough evil spelled backwards is LIVE.  Back and forth....Live...Evil or evol.... Love spelled backwards is....evol.  That may be why it seems that we go round and round.  It's our job to LOVE and LIVE for the "Greater Good" and cancel out as much evil as we can.  Our world spins around and around and so do our lives.  We are all connected.

My son says it is impossible for him to be "good" ALL day.  Everyone screws up, he says.  (He gets that from me....I tell him no one is perfect, BUT of course expect I always tell him it isn't possible to be "good" all the time.)  We all mess up, no matter if our intentions were the best.....if  you want to go back to it....original sin.....we all are plagued with it.

When the world seems dark and you can't find your must look to "It".  You say look to "It"? "It" what you like, but I look to Him.  The big JC, Jesus Christ.  Maybe "It" is something else for you, but whatever "It" part of the "Greater Good", it is what created the "Greater Good"...."It" is what created the universe....a higher "It" what you like.  But with out "It", we don't exist and neither does the "Greater Good".

So....ask yourself the question......what is your "It"?  Even if you say you feel the power of the sun and enjoy sunrise and sunset, whatever "It" is, created the sun.  All life feels the power of the sun.....with out "it".....we would not survive....we would freeze, we would starve, we would all suffer complete depression with out the source of vitamin D. "It" what you like, but "It" has the power to be a lamp unto your feet and guide us through life.  With out the "Greater Good"...what would happen? Do I need to tell you we ALL would be in a living hell?  Some days maybe you feel like you live in hell, but look to the light....come out of the darkness and see the world around you.....the "Good" world that was created for us.

What are you doing to perpetuate the "Greater Good"?  Look to the light, however you want to define "your light" and feel the power of LIFE....the power of the "Greater Good".   What is your contribution to our world's "Greater Good"?  Define it.  Then call "It" what you like and make it happen.

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dancingthrulife said...

i agree::i do not think you can be 'good' all the time. with good there is evil. there is temptation. we are human, we make mistakes, we don't always get it right the first time. but hopefully, how we handle things and the hope that we 'get things right' more often than we (for lack of better words), 'mess up', overshadows our faults, sins and imperfections in who we are. this resulting in an overall positive light for everyone. supporting your statement that 'no matter who you are..we ALL were built with goodness inside'. but perhaps that is the dreamer in you and me, hoping for a more unified universe. looking for the best in people. hoping to expunge the definition of 'the good guys vs the bad guys', one day. perhaps that's why i believe in second chances. but become more skeptical at third, or fourth. realism starts to sink in.

Either way, when you start to doubt yourself, or doubt someone else, i agree, look towards 'It', and you will find your way, even in the darkest night.

and you will LIVE again.