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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Message for Anyone

This is a message for Anyone during this Thanksgiving Season.

Thank you to anyone who has shared a smile.

Thank you to anyone who has given away a hug.

Thank you to anyone who was kind enough to help pick up the things I dropped.

Thank you to anyone who shared a chore that ended up in good conversation.

Thank you to anyone who helped me when I fell.

Thank you to anyone who asked if I was okay.

Thank you to anyone who held the door.

Thank you to anyone who said, "Have a nice day," and meant it.

Thank you to anyone who said,"Good morning."

Thank you to anyone who said what they needed to say.

Thank you to anyone who didn't know what to say yet really tried to understand and listen.

Thank you to anyone who shared a connection by being present in the moment.

Thank you to anyone who has offered guidance when I was lost.

Thank you to anyone for being kind.

Thank you to anyone for being kind even when I wasn't.

Thank you to anyone who called even when I didn't.

I'm thankful for anyone who has done these things for me. Thank you. L

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charles Kettering, Problems and Character Flaws?

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 Article first published as Twitter Helping People Like Robin Roberts Find Strength in Weakness on Technorati.

"I am not interested in the past. I am interested in the future, for that is where I expect to spend the rest of my life." ~Charles Kettering*

Ohio born inventor, businessman and graduate of Ohio State University in electrical engineering, Charles Kettering was a man who believed in the future, because as he stated, "that is where I expect to spend the rest of my life."

Charles held 186 patents. He says, "A problem well stated, is a problem half solved." One can see that he must have been good at stating problems if he held 186 patents.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a slue of problems? Have you ever found that you are constantly uncovering problems all the time? Well, this might be considered a character flaw in some, however, as Kettering says, you are half way there just by defining your problem.

Inspiration comes from so many places, especially if your eyes are open. Today, I wanted to lift someones spirits. Someone who I have never met, yet comes into my living room on a regular basis. I found the Kettering quote and thought it might help. Then, I decided to go one step further and find out who Kettering really was. I was so inspired by him, that I decided to write this post.

"Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it," says Kettering.  As I read this quote from him, I was wondering if the founders of StumbleUpon had ever happened upon this quote.

I continue to be inspired by inventors, scientists and futurists. They are what keep me going; keep me pushing; keep me stumbling. Life is like that. If you have your eyes open, you can see 1,000 times more things than those who are living nothing more than a mundane life completely content with the status quo. Now, don't get me wrong, there are good qualities about mundane actions.  We really can't avoid them, but not looking forward to the future and being content with your problems will never grow you; evolve you.

Oddly enough, I stumbled on the fact that Charles Kettering helped establish the New York cancer research facility, The Sloan-Kettering Institute. The journalist that I was trying to lift up is Robin Roberts from GMA, Good Morning America. She happens to be battling a blood medical condition classified as pre-leukemia and going through Chemo and a bone marrow transplant on Thursday and lives in New York.

Somehow, life has a way of bringing everything together. Somehow, I am going to believe that my donated quote that was looking to raise spirits will do more than that; that it will bring an energy from Kettering to me to her that will carry her into the future...because that is where we will all spend the rest of our lives. Inspire someone today. It's the little things that matter in life.

So Ms. Roberts, I send positive energy your way. I see you have a bright future. I see everyone in the future with fear, however, fear with energy creates courage. I wish you courage for these coming days. I send you energy for your tired body. I send you energy to lift your spirit. I send you hope for a bright future where we all will live.

You inspire me, Ms. Roberts; as a journalist and a kind human spirit. Carpe Diem. 

"The future can be anything we want it to be, providing we have the faith and that we realize that peace, no less than war, required 'blood and sweat and tears." ~Charles Kettering

*Quote pulled from Norman Vincent Peale, Words That Inspired Him.
Interestingly enough, the quotes that I found on-line differed slightly from the quote I pulled from Peale's book. And so it goes, the battle to define fact checking in journalism.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Has Facebook Surpassed It's Darkest Hour? Zuckerberg Brings an Aersonal of Stats and Strategy

 Article first published as Has Facebook Surpassed It's Darkest Hour? Zuckerberg Brings an Aersonal of Stats and Strategy on Technorati on 9/12/2012

Facebook is not looking into building a phone. Mark Zuckerberg made that clear during the 30 minute, standing room only interview with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this past Tuesday. It seemed like Mark had quite a bit to cover on his agenda. He spoke like a man with a mission spewing stats about mobile and covering topics from regrets to open graph product opportunities.

He said, "building a mission and a business go hand in hand." As much as he believes in the company mission of building a more open and connected world and a focus on long term growth; he recognizes the importance of both. He had plenty to discuss as his first public appearance since the IPO in May. He was laden with stats and what sounded like a plan that was now humming like a well oiled machine focusing on mobile. You could feel the energy exuding from Zuckerberg as he chatted it up with Mr. Arrington. He spoke quickly to get out all the data that he wanted to share with everyone. It was great to see Zuckerberg really does have things under control, despite investor feedback and forecasts.

What Facebook has done is retool the product infrastructure and the way they build product from a more vertical model into more horizontal product grouping beginning last December. Mark said this retooling did have an impact on the growth of the company. They have just released the iOS improved mobile Facebook app and expect to deliver an Android version in the near future after switching from HTML5 to Native. Mark admitted he regretting putting all his eggs in one basket re HTML5, however they have moved on from that and are in a good place using Native.

Mark said today, "We are a mobile company." He had the stats to prove it. There are 5Billion phone users. Engagement and users are up from Facebook mobile. Mobile users are likely to use Facebook 6 out of 7 days per week. Mark appeared confident in his mobile strategy going forward.

Another idea they have been working on is a search product. Currently, they have 1Billion queries a day. Most users are looking for people, however, they are also looking for pages and apps from a business perspective. Mark said that they are looking to take a new approach to the search engine style and use the data that they have to answer questions that people want to know. He feels that this is a huge opportunity for Facebook, as well as a unique one since they are the only company with this kind of big data about users.

For Mark, he says, "It's not really about the fun. It's about the mission." He wants people to work for Facebook because they believe in the products and the mission. He wants people to be proud of what they are building and share it with their family and friends. It's a great time to be involved with Facebook as a user and an employee.

Mark said that Facebook is very self critical and that he prefers to be in the like of the underdog position where he can take risks and come out wowing stock holders and consumers. It seems this interview spurred on a rally on Wall Street and raised the stock price to close at just under the $20 mark. This begs the question...has Facebook passed it's darkest hour? If you haven't bought stock yet, this might be the best time to buy because based on an interview like this, the forecast looks good.

Pick a Revolution and Join It; Disrupts TechCrunch

 Article first published as Pick a Revolution and Join It; Disrupts TechCrunch on Technorati.

Photo by:James Martin CNET

This week TechCrunch Disrupt has taken over San Francisco with its 2012 conference. The interview conversations with the entrepreneurial speakers from Silicon Valley have proven to be chuck full of inspiration and direction. Jessica Alba, Edwin Lee, Jack Dorsey, Kevin Rose, Matt Cohler and Mark Zuckerberg were some of the speakers with a mission to distribute.

On Monday, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square, spoke as the keynote. His presentation was short and amazingly powerful. He is a man with direction and vision. To Jack, "The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed." This was his main point. Iterate and do it quickly. He'd like to see the buzz word disrupt replaced with revolution. "Pick a revolution and join it," says Jack. "Question everything." He believes civilization was meant to connect. "We don't want disruption where we move things from point A to point B. We want direction."

The Honest Company, run by Jessica Alba and Brian Lee, made an impact on stage discussing how they put their customer feedback as top priority and react quickly. Jessica talked about how it's hard running a startup. Both herself and Brian have families with children and work on making the best of a work/life balance. Jessica stole the stage with her honesty about what it's like raising a family and running a startup. It was great to see organic content like that disrupt the stigmas of working parents, yet still brings a sense of reality.

Tuesday, was full of even more wisdom for entrepreneurs and startups. Mayor Edwin Lee, of San Francisco discussed his strategy about supplying local San Franciscans with entry level tech jobs to support their economy and how they are using The Valley to build great relationships between the tech sector and the city. His enthusiasm, vision and candor seem to have only been helping the city of San Francisco.

Kevin Rose, Google Venture Investor and Milk founder had great advice. Some of the best advice he says he has ever gotten was, "Edit your team. Trust your gut." There are times where growth will keep you from always making the best decisions about who you hire. Kevin has found that as one realizes who fits best and who doesn't, that making edits to improve your team for your current needs keeps your team fresh. Ideas that VC's like Kevin are tired of seeing in the startup realm are cloning other startups and slightly changing them. Saying your version is better isn't going to win over VC's.

Matt Cohler, from Benchmark Capital and a prior Facebook product guy, had a great discussion about mobile and the continuing possibilities of growth with Michael Arrington. He says that you and your mobile phone have an emotional attachment and there have been studies to prove this theory. He believes that the mobile market place has exploding opportunities especially when we think of a smart phone as a remote control. The discussion about time to decision is imperative. Being able to use real time data while a customer is in the market place and interactive mobile apps to convert the transaction is key.

Mark Zuckerberg drew a standing room only crowd. He ran circles around Michael Arrington spewing out stats left and right about the growth of mobile consumers, engagement and usage. He said, "building a mission and a business go hand in hand." As much as he believes in the company mission of building a more open and connected world and a focus on long term growth; he recognizes the importance of both. He had plenty to discuss as his first public appearance since the IPO in May. He was laden with stats and what sounded like a plan that was now humming like a well oiled machine focusing on mobile. You could feel the energy exuding from Zuckerberg as he chatted it up with Mr. Arrington. He spoke quickly to get out all the data that he wanted to share with everyone. It was great to see Zuckerberg really does have things under control, despite investor feedback and forecasts.

Today's entrepreneurs have a large amount of support and feedback to work with thanks to companies like TechCrunch that run conferences such as these.

Wednesday is the final day of TechCrunch Disrupt full of speakers and a plethora of new startup company ideas. There is a lot to learn from these industry hackers.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Playing Chicken

Residents on Parsons Drive in Avon Lake have been housing a rooster throughout this past week.  “Tuesday morning I went out to work in the yard and I heard pecking sounds. I looked around and two feet from me was a chicken pecking the ground,” says Sam. They say he is friendly, however there is growing concern of sanitation issues as well as safety concerns for the children in the neighborhood.

One of the neighbors called the police, but was told no one reported a missing chicken. “I was shocked when I first saw it. Of course I took pictures and posted them to Facebook, but I expected it to wander through, not roost in our backyard,” says Laurie. 

 The family had left for the day, but when they returned, the rooster was still there, wandering between the adjoining backyards.  It has been eating the apples from a neighbor’s tree and sleeps in her pine tree. They have only heard it crow a time or two, but not at the crack of dawn.

Despite efforts from the neighborhood, they have not been able to find its owner. One resident contacted Holly Hill only to be told they strictly house horses. They were told to check with the family next door to the horse farm but were advised it was not their chicken. Their chickens apparently aren’t friendly like “Hen”ry. 

The rooster, named “Hen”ry by a neighborhood boy, seems to have become the neighborhood pet. He comes when called and has never bothered anyone, so far. “It’s like he likes hanging out and thinks he’s a dog,” says Dave a Parsons Drive resident who’s yard he has seemed to have taken ownership in. “He must be someone’s pet.”

As of today, these residents aren’t sure what this rooster’s future holds, but they hope it can find it’s owner or a farm so it can fly this coup in Avon Lake soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Facebook Unzips How Testing Is Done


     Credit: Matt Harnack/Facebook

 Article first published as Facebook Unzips How Testing is Done on Technorati. Republished 3/9/13.

A little over a week ago, Boz, the Director of Engineering at Facebook, published a write up on why Facebook tests.  He gave us a sneak peek as to how it’s done. You might say their way is a little Clark Kent”esque”.

Facebook holds a vision which “Boz” translated in that article…We believe that people want to connect with each other in a way that is personal and meaningful and that modern technology can provide opportunities for doing this in ways and at scales that were previously not possible…While this vision unifies us, it is sufficiently broad that the exact path to realizing it is unclear.

The beauty of testing allows a company to realize what is unclear and create data, on a small scale, that, for lack of a better word, tests whether or not the product is viable.  Facebook utilizes their users, aka customers, to test their new ideas and concepts.  These tests help answer questions and support decisions that might be made off of a gut feeling or future trend expectation.

“Sometimes the answer to these questions is intuitive. Sometimes we do user research. Sometimes we build prototypes and see how they feel. Often, however, we’re working on products that have no analog for comparison in research and whose merits are difficult to gauge in the abstract or at small scale,” says Boz.

One of the fastest ways to grow a company or product category is to test…iterate and reiterate. Learning how customers will respond and finding out how a product will perform is amazingly valuable. When a company tests a product, it is used on a small group of people, whom are usually hand picked by their need or end use.  The information gathered may translate into a broader customer base or may stay streamlined into a niche market.  

“In technology we are constantly looking to the future and trying to see things the way the could be. Once we have a vision we want to work towards we tend to choose the shortest path to get to that place. On projects of sufficiently narrow scope this is clearly the right thing to do. When it comes to strategy, however, our success has come from not concerning ourselves with the entire path to the goal but rather focusing primarily on the next step in that direction. By taking one step at a time and iterating we are able to adapt quickly to a constantly changing landscape and bring our users along for the ride.”

The data Facebook users provide through everyday use and testing can hold the key to answering many questions that is worth its weight in gold. One of the greatest benefits that social networking has provided is the use of real time data. Facebook is able to use the real time data generated from its tests and react. This is one of Zuckerberg’s strengths and mantras: moving fast and breaking things.  Responding to user needs and working on finding the answers when they break is what Zuck pushes his staff to do.

For Facebook, testing provides answers to questions that become building blocks to their future strategy, not to mention your future strategy if you market on Facebook.  Facebook makes hundreds of small code changes to make your user experience the best it can be.  Boz goes on to say,When you see such dramatic results from the smallest tweaks, you realize how much opportunity there is to improve things—and we feel a constant sense of urgency to do so.”
“When a test goes out we look at the data immediately and adapt the products quickly. We do this on a daily basis. This cycle of iteration is the engine of progress and the people who use Facebook are not just the beneficiaries but are also intimately a part of the process. We don’t just develop this product for them, we develop it with them.”

The one caveat Facebook must deal with while testing is that things often break and can make for an unhappy user experience. In the grand scheme of things, when talking about tests, we are talking about small user groups, therefore the unhappy user experience tends to be small but fixable and holds large benefits for those users in the future. When things break, people fix them, usually. Maybe this can teach us all to have more of an open mind.
 Boz says, To keep improving, we must constantly test different versions of Facebook with real people to even have a chance at creating the best possible experience.”

So, when you see something different on your Facebook profile page or newsfeed, think about it like a scientist. Ask questions while using it. Use it to figure out if you like it or if you don’t and why. Don’t just post…Facebook is stupid. In the end, you only end up with egg on your face and who really wants that on their Facebook page.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Could Bambi be a Nuisance?

Protecting the deer in Avon Lake. Photo by: The Morning Journal

Where is the solution for “No hunting” signs that litter the yards in Avon Lake, Ohio in regards to the deer population?  Avon Lake is dealing with more than Bambi strolling through wooded paths and backyards.

Two Parsons Drive residents recall their close encounter with a deer last month only a few blocks from their home. “For a moment, my life went on pause. I couldn’t speak. The deer’s face was pressed up against the window and my thoughts were wondering if this deer was going to bust through. Luckily we didn’t go left of center. It might have ended quite differently.” That incident left a $3,000 bill for their insurance company, not to mention their deductible. 

It’s estimated that 50 resident’s cars have hit deer in Avon Lake over the last 6 months.  News Net 5 reported that AL can only support 50 deer. There are a reported 300 living within the city limits.

Mayer Zilka has stated the case that some residents see the deer as attractive elements of nature and others see them as a nuisance.  This is more serious than watching Bambi. The city is to provide a safe community for its residents. Injuries and significant damage involving resident’s lives are more than a nuisance.

City Ordinance 618.01 in Avon Lake is a city leash law that states dogs and cats must be on leashes and never in public streets or areas. It appears the deer issue needs to be put to rest. Bypassing the money lost on gardens and flowers due to deer feeding habits and jumping to the over population in the city, the deer are causing life threatening danger to it’s residents and city workers.  Must we wait until a fatal accident happens before the city finds a bigger resolution than flashing signs?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Where is the Latest Tech Talk?

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Is Failing an Option?


To fail. Or not to fail.  To be. Or not to be.  Those are the questions.

Many times we will fail, however we are bombarded with phrases such that failure is not an option.

We must interpret what it means to fail.  To fail is a failure.

However, I believe to fail will always lead to success.  This is true when studying any inventor or scientist.  We can not learn without failure.  We can not.

However, it becomes one's choice to decide how to process failure.  There are a few different ways.

One is to deny the failure, move on and repeat the cycle.

Two is to panic and absorb negative feelings of inadequacy into your soul.

Three is to accept the failure.  Forgive if need be.  Decide what the reason for failure was.  Accept it and decide how to move forward and to either be or not to be.  To either correct or not to correct.  The latter will lead you back to option one.  History does repeat itself.  We are human.  We can learn.  We will fail.  We will survive.  We will progress.  We just will.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  This is true.  Sometimes we feel like we are killed and we take those feelings in and let them eat us up.  While they remain a part of us, we remain dead to the world.  We can not function.  We can not succeed.  We harbor feelings that will not allow us to succeed.

We all must face the music.  We are where we are.  We must deal with it.  If we fail to deal with it, then we will continue to fail.  Failing is good, but denying failure or not accepting failure will not allow us to move forward.

Steve Jobs has said that, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.”

To dissect his comment further, in order to connect any dots, we must acknowledge our failures and our weeknesses.  If we do not, the only dots that we will be able to connect will be those of historical family legacy....the ones that we would like to leave behind and change.

However, accepting the failures we find will allow us to press on.

Don't be afraid to fail.  Don't be afraid to break anything.  For it is in these moments that defines who we are.

So, today I failed.  I did something that was not acceptable....not tolerable.  I had the 3 choices above.  I chose option 3.  I accepted.  I apologized.  I offered to make up for it.  Whatever comes of it is yet to be determined.  What I know today is that I forgive myself for making a mistake.  One that could have easily been avoided, but wasn't.  It is what it is.  The only thing I am going to do is accept that I screwed up and press on.  I am going to make sure it doesn't happen best I can.  That is all we can do....the best we can with what we have....with what we know....with what we choose.  We all make mistakes and will keep on making mistakes.  It's all in the angle we choose to look at it.  It is our choice to decide to evolve to change or not.

Bon Chance!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zuckerberg Takes a Bite Out of Apple

Article first published as Zuckerberg Takes a Bite Out of Apple on Technorati.

If you take the word apple and slice it in half, you get the word app.  Yesterday, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, took a new liking to an app, called Friendsheet, that again will change the reflection of Facebook in your eyes.  His liking came on the eve of Apples big announcement event, set to take place March 7th.

Many of us have taken a liking to Pinterest.  It's a neat bundle of ideas and inspirations in the form of pictures organized in a fashion that allows for quick visual browsing and additional filtering on the users end.

The Friendsheet App takes your photos and displays them in the Pinterest fashion.   As one user said, "Love it. A faster glance. Like the visual follow. Improvement to the slow feed and filters...nice."

Newsfeed is good for stories, but this new "Pinterest-like"  app gives your pictures a quick, new panoramic view. 

Some Facebook users continue to "dislike" changes to their beloved Facebook, but Facebook will continue to be a reflection of change, day in and day out, whether the user can see it or not.  I chose not to say whether the user likes it or not because the purpose of change is to improve the user experience, just realize the word "user" is all encompassing.  There will always be those that resist change, and always those that pave the way.  Who doesn't want to take advantage of someone's hard work that gives you an advantage?

This change, once again, puts more added value to the Facebook experience.  It's more pleasing to the eye.  It's more pleasing to my, what always seems to be lack of, time.  Friendsheet allows you to quickly scan the pics that are happening in the lives of you and your friends.  How do you like them apples?  The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  If you hurry up, you may catch their next one rolling down a hill near you.  If you haven't heard already, it's something about a new ipad, iphone or was it the new Apple T.V.?  Let me know.  I'm short on time today.

Dreaming....Out Loud

Wikipedia defines dreams as "successions of imagesideasemotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest, throughout recorded history."

Why is it then that we say it's o.k. to dream?  Specifically speaking of dreams, it is stated that dreaming is done during a state of sleep.  So....why is it then that so many of us refer to dreaming in a conscious state?  Are we ever really conscious when we dream?  

What is the difference between dreaming and desiring?  The saying goes...what ever your little heart desires.  But, Wikipedia defines desire as "sense of longing for a person or object or hoping for an outcome. Desire is the fire that sets action aflame. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as "craving" or "hankering". When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal. The motivational aspect of desire has long been noted by philosophers."

One might say...without desire there is no dreaming.  Desire is the protagonist...the one that must light the fire such as Wikipedia proclaims.  Where desire do dreams.  Where dreams does pain.  

Pain? You say.  Pain.  Pain is the source of stalling.  Pain is the source of resistance.  Pain is the source of power.  Release the pain and you will release the desire to dream.

Is that in your sleep or in your reality?, you ask.  

Your pain body holds a force field around you.  It keeps you from your hopes and dreams.  So, if you desire something, you must find a way to materialize it...otherwise it will keep you from attaining your conscious dream. (If there is such a thing.  Plato says if you believe it, than it is thought to be true...therefore there is such a thing as a conscious dream because I believe it)

You see desire can be good and desire can be evil.  Put in perspective....desire must live to light a fire to an action.  For without desire lives an institution...the institution of what some may call life.  However, what one may call life, another may call a prison.  

Therefore...desire alone does nothing but burn, but desire coupled with a plan of action breeds dreaming out loud.

So, yes...dreaming is for both the conscious and the unconscious.  However good the unconscious dream my be...the conscious one must drop the match once it's lit...otherwise it will keep a burning desire in flames for eternity.  

So, when you dream unconsciously....don't forget to dream out loud in the the conscious.   As the saying careful what you dream...actually it's what you wish for...but wishing doesn't really do much for anyone, unless you have a fairy godmother like Cinderella.  

Dream a little dream with some desire and then make it happen with a plan....even if what you dream may seem can't get there without desire...feel the pain and then let it go..where there is pain...there is paralysis...but yet still life...where there is life, there are dreams...where there is life, there is pain...but if it wasn't for pain...there might not be much power....feel the pain...let it go...dream a little dream and do what you have to (of course only for the greater good) and then ship it.

The only caveat...sometimes you can't find a plan that seems to might need a prince charming when faced with that...and then a fairy godmother to make it all come true.  Don't forget that that's all built by desire...real life is full of mazes and riddles...don't get caught up in the matrix of desire...because you may never check out.

Light the fire, feel the pain, let it go, make a plan and live the dream....outloud. 

Did someone want to lend me a hand?...I might need one.  I was always told to ask for help when you need it.  I'm pretty sure I need it right about now.  How about you?  Are you dreaming out loud yet?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Perfectly Run Health Care System

I am appalled.  Mistakes happen and will always happen.  Yet our medical system's safety net for when mistakes happen is to just cancel and reschedule even when there seems to be a problem with the patient.

Case in point of patient, Jane.

Experiencing issues with kidney stones and other renal problems in the last 6 months.  Seen multiple doctors, including specialists.  Based on initial treatment, problem seemed to resolve.  Months later it resurfaces (about a 3 weeks ago.)

Jane goes to family care doctor.  Jane then referred to see kidney doctor in the next 2 days.  Jane can not get scheduled for 2.5 weeks even though the doctor wants her seen with in 2 days.  She waits it out, but pain continues and her condition worsens.  Finally she is in for testing.  They can not find the proper paper work and almost do the wrong test.

Second round of testing scheduled today.  Goes in for test, but unfortunetly they did not schedule  a blood test to confirm that her kidneys are filtering properly before they administer today's CT scan dye.  Testing is cancelled for the day.  Jane states her pain is unbearable.

They proceed to tell her to go to the emergency room. Jane is alone at her appointment.  She drives home and then calls her daughter for a ride to the ER.  She is checked in at a desk and asked questions regarding insurance cards, drivers license and symptoms.  Then she is moved to triage and asked symptom questions again. She is given very unspecific directions about walking down a hallway to an elevator and to take it up to the 2nd floor.  She walks with out any support or direction from a nurse or staff.  Randomly roaming the hall and not having any idea where she is going.  She has stated that she is in pain at a level 7 on a scale of 1-10.

Upon reaching a room, that some random staff member who heard us talking about how we had no idea where we were going, took it upon themselves to show us, a nurse comes in and asked all the same questions again...she types them in...just as the first person did.  The nurse tries to read off the medications Jane is taking but the nurse can not pronounce them and it is really  uncertain if what is being discussed is correct.

Once the nurse leaves another doctor assistant comes in and proceeds to ask the same questions that the 3 staff members before her asked.  Simple questions of when did this start, what symptoms is she having and if she hears voices, drinks or smokes. (preceded by a statement that they ask all patients the same questions...why again do all patients get screened for hearing voices?) more person enters the room (this is the 5th person).  Asks for a drivers license and then proceeds to ask the same questions.  Really...this has to be a joke.

No staff member has offered any diagnosis.  They proceed to give her pain meds and take her blood (the test that wasn't scheduled properly is actually getting done).  Meantime they hooked her up to an I.V..

The doctor comes in and says that every thing looks normal and they are going to manage the pain and release her tonight for her test tomorrow.

The nurse returns and injects her with another medication...different than what she was originally given. She actually refused one medication, but later was actually given it.  This medication was much stronger. She now is high and about to be released.

When the nurse returns again, she says she has a urinary tract infection and she is going to treat that with an antibiotic which wasn't done by the previous doctor.  Why did the actual doctor that just saw her come in and say that everything looked normal when the nurse just said there were some findings on the blood test?

So let's review....a test was mis-scheduled this morning.  That can happen...but why would one cancel the wrong test and send her to the ER?  Her actual doctor wasn't in that day and because they say they don't have any orders to make a change, her treatment stops and is passed off to the ER?  Wouldn't it save everyone a lot of time and money to administer a blood test at the lab in the office and write a script for pain meds until the next day for testing?  An attending couldn't do that?

The scene in the ER had a separate floor of patients with minor acute symptoms that should have been seen by their primary care doctors.  All day long I have a respiratory infection, you are constipated, you have a urinary tract infection...not to mention we heard everything that went on with the woman in the same room as well as other rooms.  (well...there was a curtain)

Where is the sanity in this?  Everyone, except the doctor, looked like they were poorly groomed, lazy and uneducated.  What kind of a system do we have again?  Mind you....this was the Cleveland Clinic.  Where did we see the world renown care?  It was rare to see a customer service minded staff member there.  They all looked like zombies.  It would be beneficial to note that their cafeteria was beautiful...yet I smelled musty smells on the patient hospital room floors upon entering and not to mention the spray of chemical that was constantly being sprayed in the halls and the rooms to disinfect. (which it really didn't look clean on this floor in the hospital).

Do you know how much money just changed hands in this scenario? We don't know yet because we haven't seen the bill.  I will tell you it cost a hell of a lot more than drawing blood in the doctors office and writing a script for a days worth of pain meds. Go figure.....S.O.S

Oh...btw....upon leaving, I asked a staff member if they had recycling on this floor (to recycle my water bottle) and they said they didn't know.  As I turned around....10 feet from the desk was a huge blue trash receptacle for what?...yes...recycling.  I pointed it out to him and he replied that he was new.  Doesn't everyone one know that the universal color for recycling is blue...especially a staff member that needs to know that red is for bio-hazard..... I am really afraid.  We better figure out how to avoid going to the hospital and prevent disease sooner rather than later. Mind=Blown.

Reform this!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Carpet Design at the Grammy's

Article first published as The 54th Grammy Awards Make Good Vibrations on Technorati.

Red carpet fashion is always a draw for really is an art form.  Each different venue has a different feel to the designs that emerge and walk that red carpet line.   For 54 years, artists have been walking the red carpet to bring together heart, soul, music and yes, fashion.

Many of the dresses were short, sparkly and boring, but there were stand outs.

Fergie wins the walking art of the night award.  It was a red laser cut design that, yes....was transparent to black under garments, BUT it was done in such a tasteful way.

However, Gaga was not the talk of the evening.  It was Niki Minaj.  I need to go back and watch that production of what appeared to be an exorcism.  From a performance perspective....I thought it was outstanding.  It sure has drummed up a lot of chatter.  What I will say is that all people need faith to hold on to and honestly....I think it was a good thing.  You can watch it and decide on itunes.

Read more about the 2012 Grammy Awards.....Check out my other article....

Article first published as The 54th Grammy Awards Make Good Vibrations on Technorati.

Ms. Whitney Houston and Shakespeare Shared A Vision

Article first published as Houston's Longing for Shakespeare's Vision on Technorati.

"To thine ownself be true" --Shakespeare

Click the link above to find out more.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Flight of Women Cartwheelling Through Life

I was relieved to rationalize with a co-worker that we women, really are doing cartwheels through life.  The post college decade was so the first sequence of the cartwheel.  Hopefully, we start somewhere over the rainbow if we're lucky.   We're embarking on a prosperous future, one that brings excitement, money and what is a new found freedom.  We find a partner, buy a house, work hard, play hard.  We are all about moving ourselves forward.  It really is all about ME.

We start to build a career and climb the ladder.  We start a family.  We enter into the realm of distress...full of new love for the creation we brought into this world and love for the passion we chase after in our work.  Suddenly, we are responsible for another. Torn between 2 worlds. So...we weigh the odds of staying crazy trying to steer 2 ships at full speed, let one suffer or drop one and steer the other really well.  Many choose to drop one (and that wouldn't be the kid) and raise the other.  Little do we realize once these amazing creatures are in our hands all hell is about to break loose on the same day we find heaven.  Soon enough...we find comfort in the fact that we are putting our best foot forward in a direction that will lead, nourish and hopefully not damage our children.  This stage is really a progression into the next sequence when we really are left upside down.

Did someone say upside down...yep.  That's where I woke up a few months ago....upside down. I felt it and hated it....but the problem was I didn't realize it was all part of the new age sequence us women are going through.  My life was so amazing and in perfect alignment during the first sequence post college.  Finances, careers, houses, cars, friends, was all good...well, except for the fact that I had to deal with my struggle between doing good for the world and selling plastic shoes.  When kids came along....I faced the new culture of play dates, teaching morals, organization, potty breaks, kisses and lots of learning how to be a good mom and not to forget how to be a good wife and not to mention not to forget the skills I acquired during the last sequence which could be put to good use on the PTA and not to mention managing those relationships and well, we don't want to forget cooking for nutrition and finicky eaters and learning how to deduce symptoms from illnesses so as to avoid being at the pediatrician multiple times a week and also learning to live with out all the luxuries that we so got used to during our DINK era.

Children....whoa...what world did I wake up in....did someone say alien nation?  When "they" said....children would change your life, I had no idea....with that said....I'm just glad for the good days and actually glad for the bad days.  With out the bad days....I wouldn't have went searching and yearning to do better.  The good days....well, those days were so was truly amazing.  

So back to the sequence...I was upside down...completely opposite of where I was on the ladder of success...but I loved it.  It became cozy and lovey and sometimes yucky, but mostly warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear.  Then....there was time after the kids were in school full time....time to actually become a productive member of society and for me....I wanted to change the world....but I wasn't sure exactly how to do that quite yet and so came the awfulness of being upside down....years of being away from the work world and networking and doing the things you need to do to get ahead.

But guess what?....the sequence isn't over....once you're upside go into the landing.

So...let's seems changes and we adapt and change....but then we have to go back to civilian life....and we are turned upside down upon reentry.  Once we are re-acquainted with the real working world....we make the perfect landing....well....the important thing is that we make a landing.

Guess what?...the cartwheel sequence probably keeps on going, but the fact that I can resonate with a cartwheel makes me realize the roller coaster us working women are thrown into once we have kids is really an amazing feat.  As crazy as it sounds....I compare it to an inmate being dumped back into the "real" world.

With that said....I want a badge....I want recognition for doing a tour on mommy island.  It's time that everyone realize what us women (or men who choose that route) go through.  It really is a big feat.

Just so you know....I love being in my 30's and I wouldn't change a thing....I'm just glad I'm working on my landing right now.  Thank God for the sequence....I feel much better...

I did figure out something's all about your attitude and not your age.  Salute!

I think we're gonna plan a roller skating party tomorrow.  I hope they have Ms. Pac-Man......  

Techno Art Brings Van Gogh Alive

Starry Night (interactive animation) from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.

The newest element in art....techno art....interactive techno art.

Oooh....Ahhhh....just bella!

Friday, February 3, 2012

     -Robert Frost
When the wind works against us in the dark, And pelts with snow The lowest chamber window on the east, And whispers with a sort of stifled bark, The beast, 'Come out! Come out!'-- It costs no inward struggle not to go, Ah, no! I count our strength, Two and a child, Those of us not asleep subdued to mark How the cold creeps as the fire dies at length,-- How drifts are piled, Dooryard and road ungraded, Till even the comforting barn grows far away And my heart owns a doubt Whether 'tis in us to arise with day And save ourselves unaided.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ready, Set.......SSTOOOOOPPPP? or JUMP.....

"You can't be that kid standing at the top of the water slide, over thinking it.  You have to go down the chute." -Tina Fey Bossy Pants

I climbed to the top of the CVCS high dive.  I made the top....I was gonna show them how awesome I was...I had the "it" bathing suit and so was making a stir....except, when I got wasn't so easy.  It was windy.  It was high.  Everyone was least it looked like friends were all watching and that mattered most.  I can't do this I thought....except the line waiters were getting anxious and I could feel they were about to yell up to me....which of course would be the most embarrassing thing ever....So I jumped.  It was all good.  But I never forgot that feeling. I also never forgot the feeling when I questioned another about what would happen if we did this impulsive thing I just blurted out.  That person said I don't know....just do it...and I did....and it sucked.  And then the plenty of times I just took a risk and ran with it and hot damn it was great.

Life does require time to think, time to stop and smell the roses.  We have fear for a reason.  If we weren't afraid of anything, we would do many crazy, inappropriate, dangerous and harmful things.  However, there does come a time where you either sh!# or get off the pot.  Times when you just go with your gut and other times you do the pro con analysis.  Little can just go with.  Big things....some times you just have to jump...and remember the roses are on the ground....but don't stop reaching for the stars.  Sometimes, it's better to have IT done, than to not have done at all.

Are you ready to see what is on the other side of that mountain?

Today, I learned to embrace fear and not banish it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Generation G ready for Battle in Washington

Article first published as Mission Impossible? Who's Wearing Pumped up Kicks? on Technorati.

Preface to the link above: There are many facets of President Obama's State of the Union Address that can be debated, discussed and of course soon brought to fruition, if we can all just take a step back and look at the common mission that we all face.

 My article is not going to discuss fracking and new energy or jobless rates and new business.  Mission Impossible? Who's Wearing Pumped Up Kicks is about looking at THE COMMON MISSION we all face in America.

 It is about looking at how far we have come in the last 4 years and by that I mean look wear Obama started in 2008.  Where were you in 2008?  Maybe you think you are not much better off, but look at the Dream....The American Dream that is out there for the taking.  So many are unemployed, but so many jobs in the technology sector sit empty.  What does that mean?  It means reinvention.....reinvention of yourself, reinvention of our Country.

Take a look the glass half empty? or half full?  It really is just what it is.  Are you going to be stuck debating this with someone or are you ready to move on and accept that the glass has water in it. It is time to move on and make a difference and adapt to the changing America that we live?

Visit the Facebook community page THE COMMON MISSION and support this new world that we are seeking.

Click the link above to read Mission Impossible? Who's Wearing Pumped up Kicks published on  Carpe Diem!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Artiste Walks Away Holding the Globe

Check the link....I couldn't help myself....I turned on E and the fashion was just talking to me, so I had to work with what was in front of me. Continue to stay tuned......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reinvention in progress....

This site is on pause while undergoing a sort of reinvention. Thanks for stopping. Check back Feb. 1st.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Peace and New Beginnings

As the new year falls upon us, I "awake" to a white blanket of snow covering the ground, the world that surrounds me.

The snow is a sign of peace and forgiveness.  We start anew---forgiven for any vices, hopeful for every peace.  I put the past in perspective and start living a new future.

I sit still, quiet and stare at the serene scene of the new fallen snow.  I am present.  I feel the force of the future.

What is to come, you say?  Questions. Lots of questions and many different answers to a new beginning of a future unknown, only to be connected by the steps that I take.  Each day, each hour, each minute....bit by bit we lay a stone in the path for the journey.

Our journey, our life, our dreams, our choice.  Happy, sad, funny or mad.  Each day is one foot in front of the other with new questions and new answers yet to be dreamed.

You see, we are not alone on this journey.  Each one of us connected by the star dust that made us.  Some positive.  Some negative.  We are all kindered spirits on a journey.

Remain present.  Change your angle.  Put on your new glasses and you will be amazed at what you will find.

With each answer comes another stone in the path that we lay for the journey of our life.

Keep asking, keep dreaming, keep choosing the path you wish to build. Carpe Diem!

(Stay hungry. Stay foolish. -Steve Jobs)