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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wake up and smell the cofffee.....

That is what I woke up with this morning.  Fresh brewed coffee does smell really good.  I am glad that 1/2 of a Who2Be second didn't last long.  I realized I can't act like least not for longer than a good nights sleep.....because if I did....I would become just like some of you.....and I am not like some of you.....I am a strong woman who does know what she wants or at least knows that she has a good mind that is valuable for MANY things.  Change in life is hard.....especially when you are changing lanes and moving back into the fast lane.  I'll never forgot that geek of a manager I worked for in that little shop in highschool and his question....."How does it feel living in the fast lane?"  I was highschool cheerleader and everyone came to visit me at the store and he was just calling it as he saw it.  My eyes are much clearer than those days....but the truth is waking up and realizing this world really is still about who you are and how much money you's disappointing to realize that.....because my little stay-at-home stint didn't expect that to happen.   Never the less.....I am still the same person I was when I left my career....maybe a little more enlightened with a lot less money.......I am still the same determined, throw yourself into what ever you are doing and make a mark in this world person I always was.  Look out world.....Here I come!

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dancingthrulife said...

your determination && confidence in yourself is inspiring.

it reminds me of the time i was inbetween jobs and just got turned down from another interview and i wrote...
'i'll be ok. I believe. i doodled in my notebook. i wrote it in bold. right before i wrote out my bank account balances and bills due next month. doing the math.

people watching. absorbing. feeling my plan start to gel. Okay, maybe not gel, begin to take shape? not sure what exact shape that was. but Knowing I'm the lucky one. Slowing down. keeping my feet on the ground. But my eyes on the stars. Making sure to keep moving. The best is yet to come. Believe in me."

the best is always yet to come.