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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


1. Being a part of the 1999 world series at Yankee Stadium and watching them win in Times Square on the jumbo tron

2. Watching The Lion King, on Broadway

3. Amazing cuisine in New York, LA, Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Puerto Rico and on and on.....

4. Running on Santa Monica beach at 6am (realizing its a scary place that early....alone) before hitting the Promenade "to work".

5. Shopping on Rodeo Drive

6. Watching the California Sea Lions bask in the sun, on the docks in the San Fransisco Bay

7. Eating lunch at PF Chang's on the top of a San Francisco building

8. Being serenaded by the violin guys at the 'riding bull' bar on the Hollywood strip on my birthday to 50cent

9. Eating plantains at a restaurant in Puerto Rico

10. The Rolling Stones at MGM in Vegas

11. Elton John (x rated concert) in Vegas

12. Taking a cab around the block in New York City (and being lucky they really just took me around the block literally and not figuratively)

13. A ride in Central Park

14. Riding in a corporate jet during a storm that we should have been on the ground for

15. Eating at Top of the Rock in NYC and then getting a bed bug bite from The Millennium Hotel

16. Living in Kansas

17. Raising my children

18. Learning what it is to be a mother and a wife

19. Becoming enlightened by sour grapes

20. Making friends

21. Learning to love myself

22. Facing fear

23. Being poor

24. Learning to fail in order to succeed

25. Loving the journey in good times and in bad

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