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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Mr. President

If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create
the consoling illusion that it has been mastered.
—Stanley Kubrick

Dear Mr. President,

Please do something about the rederick going on inside Capital Hill.  It just keeps going round and round.  How are we supposed to move (that word was M.O.V.E, move) our country forward just doing things the way they have always been done.  As the saying goes....we will get what we have always gotten.  It's time for change (remember....your political campaign)

Our country's true future growth (our children) is on hold until we figure out how to manage this education system.  One of my children (that would be biological) is a child not meeting state standards (he knows it and does not gain confidence from it), but he continues on through the system and is promoted grade levels.  He is from an educated home with a mother who stays home and helps (technically) to home school him because he doesn't get what he needs from the schools.....because he isn't progressing as he should.  How does that gap get closed?  How does this happen in one of the best school districts in the nation.....imagine the children moving through the system that don't come from an educated home, that are in a mediocre or failing school system, that don't have parental supervision and support....THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF AMERICA.....let us fix this broken system NOW....not later.  Let's set concrete goals with actual deadlines that will provide a solution, not just conversation, not just info to fill media time slots....something needs to be done now.  Help find the solutions, create a new team, do something... don't give me rederick answers.  I don't want to listen to the rederick anymore....I want some real solutions to questions that have long been asked. 

Let us support our math, science and technology in all schools just as we support sports like football.  Those boys are glamorized and set forth as role models for the younger boys and on and on and on.  My child loves football (and so do we), but he won't be the next Joe Montana, Bret Farve or even Colt McCoy and neither will millions of other kids.....We need these kids to be putting there eggs in the baskets of math, science and technology.  They need something to sink their teeth into and someone that can inspire them and give them hope for a new tomorrow. 

We need to get them to feel empowered by more than sports (don't get me wrong, we need sports).  We need for them to know they have a future doing something they're good at....they need to feel they are good at something.  My son is mechanically inclined, but it takes him so long to learn in the traditional education model that he gets frustrated and wants to give up....for his's hard to learn, but when he does.....he can move mountains (and I know he will).  Your support (as well as the Black Eye Pea's) of Dean Kamen's ROBOTS program was such a sight for sore eyes.  We need to continue to support other programs like that and put the focus on learning and having fun.  You become the driving force that can change the "world" least our world, America. Today, you are the leader of the free us get to where we need to be.

 Continue to help Congress move FORWARD on issues such as education and health care with responsible...yet effective spending habits.  Today, I can afford my insurance premium and that is about it.  How can we have a system that continues to hike insurance premiums (while it's supposed to be fixing them for the better) and let doctors continue to charge whatever they want with out our prior knowledge and/or with out providing us with costs of all options so we can make the most informed decision (trying to get the cost of procedures is difficult and takes time....something that not many have.  I have had doctors tell me...don't worry your insurance will cover it and guess didn't).  Everyone needs a safety net.  For some, the only safety net they can count on is a good education.....with that....anything is possible.  For others, the only safety net they have is loyalty from a brother, a gang or maybe only themselves.....with out the education safety net.....their future (our future) is headed for armageddon. 

You are well aware that you face leading a nation in on of the most difficult times in history....keep up the good work and continue to press forward for the future of America......our children.

Laurie A. Borland
Future teacher in America

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