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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let Me See Your Peacock

When was the last time you told someone you were scared or what you were scared of?

I recently had a tiny conversation about this with a friend that weighed heavy on my mind.

That day, I was convinced I really wasn't scared of much and that I have become really strong...the latter may still be true, but after I really thought about what scared me, I knew there were lots of things that scared me.

He said that much didn't scare him but that he feared for others who don't have a relationship with God.

Hmmmmm....that's quite powerful. got me thinking...I know...look out...i'm thinking again.

What really scares me...I wondered...

Then I remembered...I'm a huge chicken...who am I kidding? I've gotten pretty good at not looking scared, even though I am...but I suppose that in and of itself is a good thing as well.

One day, last fall, a chicken decided to roost in my backyard. Maybe you remember my blog post. It was a gorgeous chicken. Where does a chicken like this come from when you live in the suburbs? To this day...we never found out, however, I think someone might have been trying to tell me that I'm a chicken...and rightfully so. At least someone had the courage to help me recognize that I needed to let everyone see my peacock.
by: istock photo

So what does that really mean...let everyone see your peacock? Katy Perry sings..."are you brave enough to let me see your peacock?" Now, my kids laugh when this song comes on...however, if you look deep into the symbolizim of the peacock, you will find many things.

One saying is "proud as a peacock".  Letting someone see your peacock isn't about being proud, it's about being brave to show your true colors, who you really are, what you really stand for, what you are really capable of.

The way it to figure out what you are scared of...and over come it or continue to attempt to over come it and show your peacock.

So's time for action...get out into that great big world and show them what you are made of...that is as long as you have figured "it" out....what you are scared of....what are your hopes and dreams...what are your strengths and weaknesses...what you love to do at work and at play...who do you love...who loves you?

These can be daunting tasks, however, these are ones that makes our journey feel so fulfilling. If we know the answers to these questions, then we can go into the world and make a difference for others who don't know and are lost, then our life becomes fulfilled...our cup filled up, as we extend our hand to help another. Tell them about God...if that is your thing....tell them about letting others see their's about whatever matters most to YOU.

Needless to say, I went to church for the first time since Easter. For me...God has always been important and I thank my friend for reminding me. ;)

Help someone water their garden and see what grows from there. Simple words for one, can flow out magically when spoken, so magically at times...they can unlock a heart. That happened to me. I hope it happens to you.

Check out this video by Ashlyn Kossan...showing her peacock as she sings Safe and Sound by Taylor beautiful!