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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You Should Start From the Bottom

Entry from 3/23/14 Published 11/5/14 

Sometimes, moving along takes awhile. Bags can get heavy and you can loose your direction. Once you realize it, then you get back on the horse and keep on moving along.
Defining LIFE:
Being born into this world is a challenge. Each one of us must face a battle before we take our first breath. We are given nature and nurture. Each experience is different and unique to itself. We are full of the same stardust, however each genome is different. We go at life with our own built-in personality shaped by our environment. We are each given free will and a potentially high functioning brain. At first, life happens. We do as we believe is the best we can do. We do as we are expected in many instances. At some point in everyone’s life we come to a crossroads. We go about life the best we can until we know better which should lead us to make a course correction. We eventually have to ask, do we go on as we are or do we evolve?

Beginning again is hard work. Life is more than just breathing and getting along, it’s about building ourselves and building for the next generation.  Life is not about working and having fun. Life is about Learning Innate Friction Expansion. It is in these moments that we live with our friends, family and our business partners. It is in those moments that we find solace, direction, and abundance of love, joy, and happiness along with pain, suffering and most importantly growth. Life does happen, however we are our own captain in how we chose to address our life happenings and our life direction. We may have been dealt a certain hand, but we have been equip with a high functioning brain that can and will expand when free will is exerted with an open, flexible mind pressed with friction.

L: Life should be spent LEARNING
I: Life should be infinitely INNATE in nature based on our contributions to it.
F: Life should be full of FRICTION.
E: Life should be free to continuous EXPANSION.

With this definition of life, one will eventually fulfill their true potential. Depending on where and/or who the friction comes from will shape our future. The question becomes what angle do we choose to view this friction and what approach do we decide to take.

Each life needs to be approached with goals and steps at some point. The element of living in the moment needs to occur, but without this general guidance and plan in life; life only happens.  We end up just breathing, god-willing, and just trying to get by.

Everything in life is either a decision or a reaction. Decide to build your life and live it to your fullest potential. Instagram has visibly shown us a tangible way to view our snap shots in life through many different filters. Some filters are complimentary and others are muting. Is the angle you choose to view your life complimentary or muting?

Chances are, you are facing challenges in your life right now. Are you choosing to acknowledge your challenges and look to solve them or are you in denial and choosing to blame others for the circumstances in your life and our world? Most often, we choose to deny and blame.

Today, choose to live your life the way you want BE through a conscious decision and a positive reaction. This is easier said than done. Chances are, you will face these same challenges your entire life until your choose to acknowledge your shortcomings and focus on your goals in what you expect to get out of life. Don’t let life be left to pomp and circumstance. Choose to live it the way you envision it in your dreams. Choose to live life to your fullest potential; don’t just let circumstance choose you.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Surrender Dorothy, It's More Than A Feeling

Dorothy Gale had much to surrender to, more than the wicked old witch of the west. I find that we all need to read the smoke in the air that spells surrender Dorothy and do the same thing…surrender. 

Dorothy knew she wanted to get home to Kansas, but she wasn't sure how until the munchkins told her to go see the wizard. She had a feeling, when she met some friends along the way, that they could help each other find something they were looking for. You see, being on a journey is so much more fun with friends, especially one's that need to find something. You all seem to have a similar tick, tock in your heart. Dorothy just knew when she met each one of her fellow travelers that what she felt was more than a feeling.

More than a feeling, by Boston, is one of my favorite all time songs. I listened to it in college over and over and over. My freshman roommates were sick of it. 

If you ever listen to the sound…it's just a good vibe. If you actually listen to the lyrics, it tells a story of losing yourself and hiding in music to forget the day and yes, remembering someone that you used to know. I like to do that often, maybe to addictively often…However, I believe that is what we need to do more of, not hiding, but losing ourselves. 

Dorothy and friends went on a journey following a yellow brick road that was to lead them to the great and powerful Oz…only to find a little man hiding behind a curtain. 

Isn't that what we do…these days…hide behind curtains…digital profiles that may or may not be real or 100% real or perceive us to have a perfect life…even though we know…it is those that we connect with that we need to continue on our journey.

Why do we hide? That's for you to answer, not me. 

But if we hide, we are completely unable to surrender. 

I find it fascinating that one can hear or read words and choose to integrate them into their life or deny them even if they believe in what they are hearing.