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Friday, August 24, 2012

Playing Chicken

Residents on Parsons Drive in Avon Lake have been housing a rooster throughout this past week.  “Tuesday morning I went out to work in the yard and I heard pecking sounds. I looked around and two feet from me was a chicken pecking the ground,” says Sam. They say he is friendly, however there is growing concern of sanitation issues as well as safety concerns for the children in the neighborhood.

One of the neighbors called the police, but was told no one reported a missing chicken. “I was shocked when I first saw it. Of course I took pictures and posted them to Facebook, but I expected it to wander through, not roost in our backyard,” says Laurie. 

 The family had left for the day, but when they returned, the rooster was still there, wandering between the adjoining backyards.  It has been eating the apples from a neighbor’s tree and sleeps in her pine tree. They have only heard it crow a time or two, but not at the crack of dawn.

Despite efforts from the neighborhood, they have not been able to find its owner. One resident contacted Holly Hill only to be told they strictly house horses. They were told to check with the family next door to the horse farm but were advised it was not their chicken. Their chickens apparently aren’t friendly like “Hen”ry. 

The rooster, named “Hen”ry by a neighborhood boy, seems to have become the neighborhood pet. He comes when called and has never bothered anyone, so far. “It’s like he likes hanging out and thinks he’s a dog,” says Dave a Parsons Drive resident who’s yard he has seemed to have taken ownership in. “He must be someone’s pet.”

As of today, these residents aren’t sure what this rooster’s future holds, but they hope it can find it’s owner or a farm so it can fly this coup in Avon Lake soon.

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