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Friday, July 20, 2012

Could Bambi be a Nuisance?

Protecting the deer in Avon Lake. Photo by: The Morning Journal

Where is the solution for “No hunting” signs that litter the yards in Avon Lake, Ohio in regards to the deer population?  Avon Lake is dealing with more than Bambi strolling through wooded paths and backyards.

Two Parsons Drive residents recall their close encounter with a deer last month only a few blocks from their home. “For a moment, my life went on pause. I couldn’t speak. The deer’s face was pressed up against the window and my thoughts were wondering if this deer was going to bust through. Luckily we didn’t go left of center. It might have ended quite differently.” That incident left a $3,000 bill for their insurance company, not to mention their deductible. 

It’s estimated that 50 resident’s cars have hit deer in Avon Lake over the last 6 months.  News Net 5 reported that AL can only support 50 deer. There are a reported 300 living within the city limits.

Mayer Zilka has stated the case that some residents see the deer as attractive elements of nature and others see them as a nuisance.  This is more serious than watching Bambi. The city is to provide a safe community for its residents. Injuries and significant damage involving resident’s lives are more than a nuisance.

City Ordinance 618.01 in Avon Lake is a city leash law that states dogs and cats must be on leashes and never in public streets or areas. It appears the deer issue needs to be put to rest. Bypassing the money lost on gardens and flowers due to deer feeding habits and jumping to the over population in the city, the deer are causing life threatening danger to it’s residents and city workers.  Must we wait until a fatal accident happens before the city finds a bigger resolution than flashing signs?

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