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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Privacy Cloud Honnored by Jodi Foster at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Photo by: Jason Merritt

Getty Images 2013 copyright
It has been said, many times in the theater, silence is golden, but tonight at the Golden Globes, Miss Jodi Foster was everything but silent. She received the Lifetime achievement Cecil B. Demille Award at The Golden Globe's 70th annual ceremony presented by Robert Downey Jr.. She worked a stunning navy Georgio Armani sheath gown across the floor as it refracted, not only the light in the room, but the light her heart was exuding throughout the room as she proudly raised her firmly trimmed biceps, proclaimed her pride about being 50 years old and showcased the important people who have made her life as real as it could be, living in front of a camera.

She spent most of her speech discussing the private details of her very public life. She has been Foster for the People since she was just 3 years old. Privacy, for those in the public eye is scarce. With the growth in smart phones and social networks our digital footprint is hard to contain as a private matter.  She brought light to a dark situation that looms over the privacy cloud in our current reality and discussed how sacred privacy really is.

As the speech progressed, she got into some details, which began to make me feel slightly uncomfortable, as I watched the words spill off her tongue. I began to feel as if I wasn't the only one to spilled her guts a little too often. However, as she brilliantly pulled each piece of her speech together, there was not a dry eye in the theater, including my own, pointing out that it is the real moments of our lives that actually make us who we are. The trials and tribulations in our lives that make us or break us. The times when things get uncomfortable and are full of raw reality are the times that make us who we are.

One could feel her heart reaching out, not to take the part, but to take part in what she called life, which has been lived in Hollywood during the 47 years she's spent in front of the camera. She was raw, real and connected to those in her life. She spoke of her friends, publicist, children and her mother in a touching way. She reached out to each one of them and told them how much they meant to her. She gave a wish away to her mother, hoping that she take the words I love you and engrain them on her heart as she moves on to the after life in years to come. 

In my mind, Jodi Foster not only took home the Cecil B. Demille Award, but she just chalked one more performance, not for best actress, but for life's best reality speech ever.

You go Jodi Foster. Live the life you deserve. Claim the life you want to live in your self proclaimed new future off the screen. You truly are an amazing woman.

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