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Friday, March 8, 2013

40,000 Anti-bodies Spread the Message on Capital Hill for Energy Change

Rally for climate change February 17th in Washington D.C.

40,000 Anti-bodies Spread the Message on Capital Hill for Energy Change


An estimated 40,000 activists from over 30 states joined together in front of the Washington Monument, Capital Hill and The White House to voice their concerns on the future of our planet rallying for change in how our commodities are used in our energy choices and the consequences of passing the Keystone pipeline project from Canada.

Young and old banded together to reinforce the message that some things have got to give when it comes to making choices on Capital Hill and how reckless decisions will do nothing but kill our planet.

Jackie Thomas Government Chief member of the Frou Indian Clan in Canada said she stands behind shutting down the Keystone Pipeline Project. The process needed to put this through is too dirty for our environment. She stands behind taking care of our land so that our land will take care of us.

The President of The Sierra Club, one of the organizations that helped build this rally was arrested last week at a demonstration on climate change. He stands strong behind his belief in clean energy choices for the future of his children and all children on this planet.

Other members of the rally even came from across the country like Rosario Dawson, a Hollywood actress who played in Men in Black II. She stands behind building our countries legacy and creating a power shift in how we use our energy sources to cleaner, green options.

All the stops were pulled out when it came to signage and making a point from astronaut suits and decorated wagons that donned the message about change in our choices for the clean, green energy choices our President needs to help facilitate to form a new energy legacy. One stroke of a pen allows for change.

Join The Sierra Clubs 100 days campaign at and help support change to move forward with clean, green renewable energy technologies.

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