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Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Ultimately Your Choice To Influence Your Future

Self control is an interesting concept. We all have the capability to use it, but we don't always choose to.

There are moments in life that define the a matter of fact, every moment in life defines the future. Every move you make, every step you take...oh wait...that's a is true though. Every word that comes out of our mouths defines how the future will progress.

Some tend have a little bit lower self control than others. I tend to say what's on my can be the best gift ever...and another can be the worst gift ever.

Just realizing that words that you speak not only change your future, but other's future as well, is a great thing to recognize.

Many times we take words for granted and they hurt people without us realizing it. Those words might cause a chain reaction and change the way that person reacts which might be the wrong way which in turn is taken incorrectly by the initial person who had no idea that they hurt that person in the first place. time you do or say anything...take a moment to exert self control and make sure it is what you want to do or say...because it will affect not only you but the ones you are speaking to or acting out with.

As for Sting and The Police...I think I agree with every move you make, every step you take, every bond you break...affects the future...but the I'll be watching you part...a little creepy. From my perspective...the only one watching is yourself and the big man upstairs...but whatever you choose to do or say...everyone is watching and that my friend affects your future.

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