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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Oxymoron

The word labor is defined by work....hard work.  The first Monday in September is reserved for all to take a day and remember our countries workers, those that make a difference for the communities we live in, those who work hard.  I believe that this is a good thing.  We all need a little R & R.....a day to honor all the hard work we do. 
What exactly do we do?  I mean....everyone is busy these days.  When we work at our job.....we are always busy (or at least many of us are)  Being busy doesn't mean being effective.  I think we all need to question ourselves when it comes to the labor we do.....maybe that's where the saying "work smarter, not harder" is derived.  Think about it.
Bottom line.....EVERYONE needs to rethink what it means to labor. What should you be laboring over right now that you are choosing to hunger or those hungering in your community, your countries government representatives and policies or your local government representatives and policies? Don't get wrapped up in debates. What does a debate do? You need action to make a solution....flapping your gums about your beliefs doesn't get anyone anything......
Below are some definitions about labor that I found on-line (my commentary added in bold).
day labor: Unskilled labor paid by the day (hmmm....why are we paying someone unskilled?  Is this the definition of minimum wage worker? These unskilled day laborers are the people my husband has to make work.....they don't want to come to work or do anything that resembles didn't used to be that way....remember the cotton pickers, fruit gatherers, ditch diggers?  My husband says that Mexicans are the best worker (no bias, just truth)....they want to work and make money and have great work ethic....We need to redefine day labor: Unskilled workers willing to learn a skill and work hard...American day laborer take note from the Mexican work force....they are the ones taking your jobs.....because they are willing to labor.

direct labor: Labor involved in production rather than administration, maintenance, and other support services.  (Let's remind the government of this definition)

labor camp: A prison camp in which a regime of hard labor is enforced (Corporate America---o.k...hear me out.... think about how people are being pushed for the almighty dollar.  Push someone for personal growth and from that will come the want to work hard.  Corporate America needs to think beyond the profit and think about profiting for the true greater good not only of the world, but of their work force)

labor force: All the members of a particular organization or population who are able to work, viewed collectively ( to work....just because you are able to work doesn't mean that you will exert energy to do labor work.....So, should we determine our labor force just by being able to work or by those with work ethic?)

labor pain: One of the recurrent pains felt by a woman during childbirth. (a recurrent pain....this makes it sound like a rug burn where pain keeps recurring....try pushing an 8lb child through a 2 inch opening....and then we can talk recurring pain) 

labor party: A political party formed to represent the interests of ordinary working people (to represent....don't we want and need more than just representation.  Anyone can be represented at a gathering by just attending....just being there means someone from your organization is represented)

labor market: The supply of available workers in relation to available work (again...just because you are able....doesn't mean you are willing....Where there is a will, there is a way.  We need willing and able.....Where do we get willing and able.?....from our American schools.....we need to help teach work ethic back into our labor market) 

labor union: An organized association of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests ( seems today's unions are to protect from hard labor and ensure long hours of relaxation, time off with lots of benefits for non intensive labor....I'm not sure.  Do you remember The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair?  The union was there to help the worker who was subjected to unsanitary working conditions and long hours  that were harmful to their health.  Do the unions represent the worker for the same reasons today?  Maybe society needs to review where we are going and where we have been and rethink the unions purpose. (not to say that unions aren't needed when used in the right context and for more than just blue collar labor----I digress)

slave labor: Labor that is coerced and inadequately rewarded, or the people who perform such labor. (did you see that carrot dangling?.......I have been chasing it for quit some time and can't seem to get it)
Take action.  Wipe some sweat off your brow for a greater cause.  Don't get involved in politics....get involved in making a difference in a cause that matters to you and those around you.  Ciao for now! Who 2Be 2Day 2Change 2Morrow

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