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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Facebook, Utube, Eddie Murphy, U.S. Postal Service

Today's blog title is a list of the top searches on the yahoo buzz log.  I'm surprised to see that Starbucks isn't one of the top ranks (I wish it was...because that would mean people are talking about our nations issues at hand and trying to help resolve our national situation by taking action and having their voice heard).   And that Facebook continues to rank #1.....I guess Facebook has become a monster brand in human "essentials" just like Kleenex and least in the the marketing sense. 

So today's blog is about courage.  I have so many people who read my blog, yet they never comment.....they just read it and move on.  If this is your first time on my blog.....congrats to you.  This blog is a forum to help make our world a better place......but that only happens if you make a change and take action.  Today's blog is an "open mic".  It's your chance to tell me what's on your mind.....I know what's on my mind.....but I'm not a mind reader.....and I want to help your voice be heard.  It seems that many of my readers just refuse to utilize the courage tool in their toolbox......the question is.....not if you have courage.....but if you are willing to pull it out and take a stand and enable your voice. (by the can alter your name when you sign up on yourself anonymous or what ever you want.....your name is important, but your voice is more important.)

 So let me know your thoughts.  I like to hear what my followers are doing in response to my blog.....have you done anything different? (Googled more current events so as to become more informed about our nation, RSVP'd to Howard Schultz' tele town hall meeting.....wrote your congressman/woman?, done a science project with your child.  Let me know something......even if  it is that you plan on doing something, what topics you would like to be discussed on this blog or if you agree with my opinions.  You see.... feedback is essential to me.....your feedback becomes a form of payment.....because yes, I do this work for free.  By clicking on the ad's on my blog, I can make money, but in one month I have made $0.03, no....that isn't a typo.  If I don't see anyone interacting with the blog.....then my work is for nothing and the future of my blog hangs in the balance..... it worth taking out some of your courage and letting others know what you think? or am I just wasting my time?  If you're reading this....take it as a challenge to summon up the courage to leave some kind of "payment" for me....I mean even poor musicians that play roadside get feedback through the coins and bills placed in their instrument case.  Get a glass of wine....sit down and think about what matters to you.....STAND up....your voice means a can change the course of "our" future.  So come on....let me hear your voice.  Ciao for now.  L
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