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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes You Just Gotta Listen To Your Gut

One of my first memories working for a retail giant was an encounter I had with my MM.  I considered him the head honcho at the time, since I was just a newbie starting out and the President and CEO where still a mystery to me.  There I stood at the center of our buying world, smack dab in front of the vending machine.  What was I in the mood for?  I needed to grab something to sustain there wasn't much time for a choked down grilled salmon and vegetables.  As I stood there blank in front of so many choices, I felt a de ja vu. 

I was 9. It was summer.  Us neighbor kids were finally allowed to ride our bikes to what we considered the Willy Wonka capital of the world.  How simple life was back then.  It didn't seem so simple at the time.  So many choices. I  had carte blanche choice of what my little world consisted of... candy, gum, ice cream, a Slurpie or even dare I, a Big Gulp.  What did I want?  It seemed to me an infinite amount of choices...hundreds, thousands maybe...(I know I said infinite, but that was what my infinite consisted of at the time).  I kinda felt like the kid on U Tube who was so afraid to say Happy Birthday Roseanne on camera.  What if I picked the wrong one?  Which one would be the best buy for my money?  I mean come on....even a kid wants to get the most bang for his buck. 

And then....there it was...that voice. A presence which only felt like the wind....One minute there, the next gone.

"Come on Laurie. Make a decision; you're in retail."   I never pushed a button so fast or made a decision so quick in my short little career.  That was a defining moment in my life.

What did I learn?  Some times you have to go with your gut.  Have you ever heard the saying.... you either have it or you don't?  (Talent that is).  If you feel you have the talent and get that gut feeling....then sometimes you have to go with your gut.  Most times....everything needs to be a complete thought process.  But....when you don't know which way to go or are forced to make a gotta just go with your gut.  You never know what you might learn.

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