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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Painted Picture For Anyone With Glasses

Tonight....I went for a walk.  A walk for me.  A walk designed for no other reason but to follow Newtons law....a body in motion stays in motion.

 As I reached the end of Sunset Drive, I crossed the street to an old beach terrace taken care of by an old home owners association.  The only mantainance done is mowing.  The fence stands rusted and neglected. The old beach access stairs have fallen pry to the erie of the lake. No one really visits this place anymore.  My old friend Shel Silverstien might's where The Sidewalk Ends.

There must be a few who can see past where the sidewalk ends.  There's a path made by those who can see.  Many they are not, because I have never seen anyone there before, but I can see where their feet have stepped.  I edged down the side of the cliff where the rocks were decorated with overgrown grasses, weeds and bent trees.  I had to watch my step because a storm had just passed and we all know the saying "slippery when wet".  Needless to say I was scared to death that I was going to anger or scare some animal who made this space their home.  But tonight, there were no creatures around.  Just me.

As I got closer, I could hear the thunderous crashing waves.  Soon enough, emerged the old jettie that made the beach.  I could feel the power that was harnessed in the lake, which I must say relics the ocean without a beat.  Right before my eyes lay a painting made just for me.  I sat.  I saw.  I felt.  There before me layed the colors I told my 3rd grade teacher don't exist.  She wanted me to paint a water color of the sky in yellow, orange, red, purple and barely blue.  That isn't possible I told her.  I have never seen a sky look like that before.  Today, there it lay before me.  The sun, the sky, the "ocean" and me.  All in a state of being.

There was only one ego whispered in my ear how golden brown my skin looked in the late evening light.  You're right, I said.  Then I continued to sit. Still. Full of potential.  I harnessed the air with my arms and said, I am finally ready.  Ready to face the world.  Ready to fly like the wind.  Ready to stand tall.  Ready to be me. you have your glasses on today?  Are you able to see the colors that may not exist?  I am.


dancingthrulife said...

this post is my favorite:))

L said...

me too!

L said...

...glad you reminded me!