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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sometimes....Things Just Work....When You Have a Plan, That is

After a full day at work.....she rolls in the garage....walks in the door and out sweeps the most delectable smelling flavors of a home cooked meal.   "Mommeeeeeeey," the kids yelp.  "How was your day, dear," says her husband.  She looks around....the kids are bathed and in their jammies.  The food smells wonderful (and they even waited for her to get home).  A fire is roaring and the house if ready for adorning with Christmas decor...stacked neatly in the hall, waiting for eager hands.  "Doesn't matter how my day was.  Now, it's amazing.  Thanks for taking care of everything.....especially since you feel so crappy.  Let's eat."

Earlier that day.....I'm leaving.  I'll be back at 6:30 tonight. Her daughter asks, " that 6:30 or 6:50."  That would be 6:30/6:50ish.  She goes's the plan.  Turn the roast on at 2:30...make sure it's low.  The kids need a bath and should be in their Christmas jammies.  Throw in carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, add a little water and some spices.  Please bring the ornaments in from the attic to even the temps no later than 3pm...we don't want them breaking from the temp. shock. Her daughter pipes in, "O.K. mom...I've got it...I wrote it all down so Dad won't forget."  Love you. Miss you. Kiss. Kiss.

True story.  It sure is nice when things work according to plan. Now, if I could just get a plan for my new direction. No time like the present. How is your plan coming?  With out a plan...nothing is really possible....with one....something is's all in what you make of it....Dream it. Plan it.  Build it. Love it. Do it!

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