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Monday, October 31, 2011

Is Everybody Ready for a Hike...A Redbox Price Hike?

Put another coin in the jute box. Gas goes up, food goes up, electricity goes up, movie theaters go up, Netflix goes up and so do Redbox prices. Thank goodness they're going to go a little easy on us....a 20% increase on $1.00 lends itself to $0.20. So, DVD rental will increase to $1.20, but Blu-ray and games stay the same.

Time is up.....prices are effective today.

I will admit, I loved this idea from the beginning. What an outrageous convenience all for a great price. Who was gonna pay for the screen replacements? Somebody better put in for a signage change. Add $0.20 to DVD's Rentals $1(.20).

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